Yo-Mobile First Russian Hybrid Vehicles Postponed Until 2015

Russia has huge reserves of natural gas, which they sell on to European and Asian countries and make billions. However, if they were to use more of the gas internally, keeping it within the country, the real benefits would be even greater!
Yo Mobil Crossover 1 photo
This is why a Russian company, Yo-Mobile, is hard at work on a gas-electric hybrid vehicle which will bring green motoring to the masses, and cost around the $10,000 to $15,000 mark - it can run on both gasoline and compressed natural gas. The original plan was for the first cars to see the light at the end of the production line in the final part of 2012. Now, however, that deadline has been seriously pushed back, and the new date has been set for 2015.

The setback was reportedly caused by a US parts supplier whose identity was not disclosed. The company wants to make a hybrid crossover which they claim will average around 3.6 l/100 km (65 US mpg / 78 UK mpg). Now, analysts are still skeptical about the whole deal, and some speculate that this is actually the end of Yo Mobile - we hope not, because what they are proposing is very tantalizing indeed!

Story via AFP


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