Yes, a Toyota Corolla E100 Can Do a Reverse Ramp Jump and Not Lose Any Bolts

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Toyota Corolla E100 Reverse Ramp JumpingToyota Corolla E100 Reverse Ramp JumpingToyota Corolla E100 Reverse Ramp JumpingToyota Corolla E100 Reverse Ramp JumpingToyota Corolla E100 Reverse Ramp JumpingToyota Corolla E100 Reverse Ramp JumpingToyota Corolla E100 Reverse Ramp Jumping
There’s one popular song stuck in the heads of those who like to scroll passionately on Instagram. “It’s Friday again, then Saturday, Sunday, what?” It’s catchy and nice, there’s no denying it. Now, if you’re vibing with us, then you will also like this homemade attempt at proving that you don’t need a Hilux or a Tacoma to have some proper off-road fun. “It’s Friday again, ‘ain, ‘ain, ‘ain…”
If you are discovering new hits by spending (too much) time on various social media platforms as I do, then there’s a good chance you might remember experiencing some other channels of influence. I'm referring to the golden days when MTV was exploring all kinds of content. Remember how life was before the internet took over? Yes, it was pretty nice!

But there's no reason to become suddenly nostalgic. We’re not that old – for now at least. However, we can remember a world where sending a text was not as easy and as cost-effective as today. Now, if you have an internet connection, you’re set to access all kinds of free or paid communication tools and mountains of content.

But if we go back in time and remember the power the TV had on shaping minds and creating all kinds of cultures, then there’s a chance you might recall when a skateboarder that wasn’t Tony Hawk tried all sorts of things out to break or establish some world records. I vividly remember Rob Dyrdek using a small Chevy Sonic for a backward car ramp jump and succeeding.

Today... it might not have the same impact. But nine years ago, allow me to underline that it was quite a thing to do! Attempting to break a world record while a big brand was involved, someone was filming, and a Guinness World Records adjudicator was watching... Let's just say it was something not everyone could have comfortably dealt with. Nowadays, the generation that's slowly turning from teenagers into responsible adults is arguably better equipped to deal with cameras, public speech, and entertaining an audience thanks to unlimited access to information.

That’s what popped into my mind when I saw this seventh-generation Toyota Corolla doing a jump in reverse on an improvised ramp. Since the footage is not doctored or generated by artificial intelligence, it is worth a look. It might inspire you to prepare for an off-road adventure this weekend or sometime soon. The landing is smoother than those done by Delta Air Lines pilots.

If you’re not convinced that the video is real, then watch closely how there’s no dust when the vehicle finishes the jump and the driver tries to stop safely. Moreover, we added another recent clip with the same car, doing the same jump, in that exact place, but this time it was performed by driving forward and not reversing.

Keep in mind that we’re talking about a sedan here. More precisely, it’s about a Corolla E100 that probably has 114 hp (116 ps) tops. Other diesel- or gas-powered versions of this Japanese-made vehicle had an official output of under 90 hp (91 ps) back in their prime. Today, some of those horses might have lost their appetite to run around. But that doesn’t mean the car can’t remain in use as a good toy on closed grounds.

Finally, these stunts remind me of another content creator that we have featured on autoevolution before. These two persons seem to share the same energy.

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