Yellow Flag BMW 3 Series Nurburgring Crash Looks Like a Movie Stunt

Yellow Flag BMW 3 Series Nurburgring Crash 6 photos
Photo: YouTube screenshot
Yellow Flag BMW 3 Series Nurburgring CrashYellow Flag BMW 3 Series Nurburgring CrashYellow Flag BMW 3 Series Nurburgring CrashYellow Flag BMW 3 Series Nurburgring CrashYellow Flag BMW 3 Series Nurburgring Crash
Some Nordschleife accidents are more spectacular than others and the one we're here to discuss certainly takes the cake. The crash, took place during the Touristenfahrten (Tourist Days) session held last Sunday, involving a perfectly timed BMW 3 Series ordeal.

We weren't kidding in the title above - the accident kicks off with the yellow flag being waved. And it doesn't take long until we get to see an E36 BMW 3 Series entering the Schwedenkreuz fully sideways.

Given the configuration of the bend, which catches many Ring novices out due to following a generous straight line, the twist likes to eat Ring tourists for breakfast - this curve doesn't care if you show up in a front-wheel-drive, a rear-paw or an all-wheel-drive machine. Despite the tons of such accidents we've shown you, very few drivers lose the rear end so badly while entering the twist.

The 3er went so sideways coming into the twist that it's difficult to imagine the kind of driving maneuver that could've save it.

Truth be told, the driver does seem to try the "go with the flow" path, steering in a way that could've allowed the Bimmer to complete a 360-degree spin and perhaps avoid the guardrail encounter.

Alas, the moments that follow see the car returning to the straight position just as it hits the barrier, with the impact also generating a bit of air time.

As if the small dust storm created by the BMW's spin wasn't enough for the special effects, the radiator seems to have been damaged in the crash, which led to a spectacular post-impact kidney grille stunt.

Given the age and apparent condition of this E36 BMW, the driver may just have to pay more than the value of the car for covering the guardrail repair costs. And this might explain the man's reaction, which you'll find at the end of the clip below.

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