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Year-Round Mobile Living Doesn't Have To Cost an Arm and a Leg: "Freedom" Does It for $31K
In searching for amazing mobile habitats that can go the distance without ripping a massive hole in your pocket, I've arrived back where I started, the United States. It's here that I ran across a fiberglass camper manufacturer that's been in business since 1983, Casita Travel Trailers.

Year-Round Mobile Living Doesn't Have To Cost an Arm and a Leg: "Freedom" Does It for $31K

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Folks, the name Casita has been a staple of the American camper industry for years. However, I just recently learned of their presence, and boy, am I glad I did; they're hard at work building mobile habitats out of age-old fiberglass. While some folks may frown upon this composite as a building material, technology has come a long way since we were young, and today, this material can yield some incredible machines. Come to think of it, it always has, and Casita knows this. Heck, fiberglass campers have been found in working order after sitting around in a garage for decades.

Well, as I explored all the composite deliciousness that this manufacturer has to offer, I encountered the Freedom, a 17-foot (5-meter) single axle camper designed to do so much more than you'd think for $31,000 (€32,400 at current exchange rates). Sure, that's just a starting price, and by the time you're finished pimping out your Freedom, you'll be looking at a tad more than this; nonetheless, read on. One thing I forgot to mention, the adventure we'll be taking is through a model that Casita is serving up from now until 2024.

Now, my experience with such campers tells me that this puppy is created with two one-piece shells that are then secured with element-proof seals to keep the elements out, and Casita sustains this notion with the info displayed on their website. In truth, these units can achieve more than just that.

Sure, repelling water, dust, and pests is nice, but I want my camper to achieve a tad more. As I explored true Freedom, I noticed that Casita prides itself on its campers being suitable for year-round use. This is achieved with insulation that also reduces noise levels and by using an enclosed bottom pan for systems.

Let's say you picked up one of these buggers and are hitting the road relatively late in the season. You already know that you can even tread through snow, and with a few more upgrades, you may be one of those explorers that fill Instagram with their A+ photos of frozen landscapes.

Let's not forget about the interior, as this space can also be considered photogenic; a storm catches you out in the wild, and now your photoshoot must be put on hold. Or does it? Inside the Freedom, owners can access a double bed, made possible by a modular dinette, cook meals with a stocked kitchen, and then enjoy said meals in a different, smaller dinette.

As for the photogenic aspect of all this, some of the stylings are brought on by a blend of building materials, but it's the fiberglass furnishings that offer that smooth shine hitting your eyeballs. But, I still can't figure out how I will fit more than two guests in this puppy; maybe there is a bunk bed option.

What about off-grid abilities? What about them? Freedom includes a few features like water tanks, electrical systems, pumps, and AC. Still, if you feel like venturing outside the trailer park, you can throw more money at this problem and meet your needs with solar panels, batteries, inverters, and anything else Casita can pull off.

You know, there's this notion that you need to spend countless dollars on a mobile habitat suitable for year-round use. Well, I feel we can all agree that Casita's Freedom travel trailer has the stuff to debunk that notion. Talk about true off-grid Freedom.

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Images in the gallery showcase an array of Freedom units and custom interiors.


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