Y.CO’s Yellow Submarine Has Nothing to Do With The Beatles’ Song

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Photo: Y.CO
Y.Co’s Yellow SubmarineY.Co’s Yellow SubmarineY.Co’s Yellow SubmarineY.Co’s Yellow SubmarineY.Co’s Yellow Submarine
Maybe we are not all living in a yellow submarine like the song used to say. But we’d sure love to have a submersible that was designed to be towed or carried by super yachts like this one for a change. Other than its color, however, there’s not much to resemble an actual military underwater craft. Instead, it does a lot of other high-end things, such as taking very wealthy people on proper deep sea journeys, 6 knots speeds, refreshments and bathroom included.
How about selling all your Ferraris, get a mortgage on that 8-bedroom mansion, and start spending some proper cash on maritime adventure?

Luxury yacht retailer Y.CO is taking care all those millions of people that actually afford buying a new vessel also get some proper entertainment on board.

And is there anything better than hoping in your all-electric, yellow mini submarine and go explore the depths of the ocean? The 8.4 m (27.56 ft) long, 2.6 m (8.53 ft) tall, and 2.4 m (7.87 ft) wide, 5-passenger rich men’s toy can reach up to 6 knots. And that is quite a lot for a submersible that can reach depths of up to 160 meters (524 feet).

Inspired by underwater archaeology mini-subs

And don’t you worry about legal issues since Y.CO’s Yellow Submarine is fully compliant with U.S. Coast Guard for operating in US waters. In fact, you shouldn’t worry about any safety problems at all since its makers are none other than GSE Trieste. Tri what? GSE Trieste, a company born out of SSOS – Subsea Oil Services and Maritalia S.p.A, which has been at the forefront of lock-out midget submarines since 1991. They build mini-subs for underwater archaeology, offshore and seabed exploration, fishery and hydrographic industry.

Getting back to the submersible’s specs, its range varies between 25 to 75 nautical miles depending on the cruising speed while the oxygen will last for an 8-hour mission. There’s also a 96-hour emergency oxygen optional supply.

And since it has four side windows, two on each side, and forward and aft facing HD video cameras mounted on the exterior, you can rest assure there’s nothing you’ll miss while being down there.

There is no price range revealed, but judging by the specifications we’re quite sure we’re looking at a fortune here.
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