Yarbo 3-in-1 Smart Robot Is Designed for All Seasons, Takes Care of All Your Yard's Needs

Yarbo 3-in-1 Autonomous Yard Robot 11 photos
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Yarbo 3-in-1 Autonomous Yard RobotYarbo 3-in-1 Autonomous Yard RobotYarbo 3-in-1 Autonomous Yard RobotYarbo 3-in-1 Autonomous Yard RobotYarbo 3-in-1 Autonomous Yard RobotYarbo 3-in-1 Autonomous Yard RobotYarbo 3-in-1 Autonomous Yard RobotYarbo 3-in-1 Autonomous Yard RobotYarbo 3-in-1 Autonomous Yard RobotYarbo 3-in-1 Autonomous Yard Robot
There are plenty of lawn mowers to choose from nowadays, just as there are a lot of snow blowers and leaf blowers. And then there’s Yarbo, a multifunctional, autonomous robot capable of doing all of the above.
Robotic lawn mowers have become quite popular over the years, because, let’s face it: who doesn’t like to have someone/something else do all the yard maintenance at a simple push of a button? But the problem is that your yard has several needs, depending on the season. In the summer, you need to mow the lawn, in the fall, you have to remove the fallen leaves, and in the winter, you have to get rid of the snow. Having a machine for each of these tasks can be costly and also inconvenient, storage-wise. Or you can just get yourself a Yarbo.

Developed by New York-based company, Yarbo Inc., this machine is described as a 3-in-1 intelligent robot engineered to take care of all your yard needs. This robot features a modular design that allows you to attach different functional modules to the main body: the M1 is the lawn mowing module, the B1 is the leaf-blowing module, and the S1 is the snow-blowing module, and they are all independent and interchangeable.

Yarbo is fully autonomous and requires no perimeter cable. It uses the company’s so-called “PPVS (Precise Positioning Vision System) fusion technology”, integrating computer vision, RTK-GPS, a multitude of sensors that help it detect and avoid obstacles, and smart algorithms that allow it to position itself with maximum accuracy. Those algorithms also allow it to determine the most efficient path planning and remember where it went so that it won’t repeatedly pass through the same spots. Its high-res camera lets you monitor its activity in real time via a mobile app.

The 3-in-1 robot can climb slopes of up to 68 percent and comes with 4G LTE support.

Yarbo comes with a wireless docking station to which it returns automatically when it has less than 5 percent of the battery. And while we’re on the subject, it is a 36V/38.4Ah lithium-ion that requires around two hours to fully charge. The manufacturer only mentions that it is a long-lasting battery and can handle temperatures as low as -30 degrees Celsius (-22 F).

If you’re interested in this multifunctional, autonomous yard robot, you can find it on Kickstarter, along with complete specs and detailed info on its available modules. Yarbo is not exactly budget-friendly though, at least not if you opt for the complete package (with the three modules included), which is priced at $3,700. The estimated delivery date is this December, although the lawn-mowing module will only be shipped in May 2023 and the blower module in June 2023.

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