Yamaha’s Hybrid Leaning-Trike Concept Looks Like a Hover Craft

Yamaha is often regarded as the top contender in the market of leaning-three-wheelers, having developed upon the idea miles ahead of competition, with past models including the Niken and the Tricity 300 setting them on firm ground in terms of efficiency and innovation.
Yamaha leaning-trike concept 7 photos
Photo: Japanese Patent Office
Yamaha leaning trike conceptYamaha leaning trike conceptYamaha leaning trike conceptYamaha leaning trike conceptYamaha leaning trike conceptYamaha leaning trike concept
This brand new design appears to be a considerable step forward compared to the MW-Vision featured at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show. While carrying forward MW’s innovations in terms of suspension and wheel support (structured more like that of a racing car’s wishbone suspension), the new concept comes with a variety of significant improvements, such as passenger seating, larger wheels and an undeniably more visually pleasing aspect.

I mean, just the lack of that cartoon-space-ship-looking roofing (which, to be fair, made me think “ew!” when looking at the MW) causes this latest design to actually look like a bike! In fact, it reminds me of them futuristic flying hover-bikes from sci-fi movies or video games, which is pretty damn cool if you ask me.

I know, you might argue that by removing the roofing, weather protection is lost, and you’d be right! Thing i,s though, if I’m looking to stay nice and dry during rain or cool in the scorching summer heat, a bike might not be my first choice of a vehicle from the very beginning, but maybe it’s just me.

Yamaha leaning trike concept
Photo: Japanese Patent Office
Details on the technical features of Yamaha’s newest concept are rather scarce, leaving us to speculate and take hints from the patent images we have at hand. After putting bits and pieces of information together, here’s what we can guess:

This time around, as with the MW, the company tilts (pun intended) toward technology obtained as a result of purchasing patents previously owned by Brudeli in 2018. Maintaining the central pillar that the coilover front shocks mount to vertical at any given time (even when the rest of the bike is tilted), the new arrangement gives it the ability to comfortably lean into corners with its body and all three wheels, assisted by a braking system and the servo-operated mechanisms that control the tilt.

Sharing the same chassis with the MW-Vision, we’re led to suppose that it’s powered by what the company would call a “series hybrid”; consisting of a twin-cylinder combustion engine (located between the rider’s feet) fueling a generator, which in turn charges the batteries that put the electric motor (found under the seat) in motion, ultimately leading to the combustion engine running at an efficient, steady pace (therefore reducing pumping losses at small throttle openings).

We could go as far as guessing that some of Yamaha’s hybrid engines to fit this purpose range from TMAX’s 560cc, all the way up to Super Ténéré‘s power-packed 1,199cc. While we couldn’t get much of an idea about how the system is fitted on the MW, this time around we almost immediately spot the exhaust pipes smoothly winding out of the footboards on both sides and into the elegant side pods, to then re-emerge from the back of the pods as tail pipes.

Yamaha leaning trike concept
Photo: Japanese Patent Office
Furthermore, radiators appear to be nested in each of the pods, and there’s just something about the overall look and simplicity of these pods coming together nicely to give them that sexy, pleasantly curvy touch.

By fitting the electric motor under the seat, the storage unit normally found in this space is lost (duh!).

To compensate, the latest concept features a generously sized top box, also acting as a wrap-around backrest for the passenger. And, well, it just seems to fit beautifully. It’s doesn’t look out of place, it’s not too bulky, it’s just right.

We’ve got to be realistic and keep in mind that the images display a concept rather than a model to be put on the production line, but can safely assume that Yamaha is preparing something at least roughly similar for the showrooms in the not too distant future.

One thing’s for sure, I’m really quite fond of the direction they’re taking and pumped to see what they’ll come up with in the future. We’ll be sure to let you know!
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