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Yamaha Unveils Cage Six Concept Bike

Along the years Yamaha has come up with a lot of nifty bikes which made it into the motorcycle history books. Some of them stayed closer to the initial classic lines, while some have evolved into new machines, with fans and haters and all.
Yamaha Cage Six concept bike 5 photos
Yamaha Cage Six ConceptAggresive looks for Yamaha Cage SixLotds of graphics adorn the Yamaha Cage SixWe'd like to see this neon bike prowling the streets
Yamaha now shows a new concept bike which has already started up some flames around the web. Cage Six is the name of the new game and before passing any judgement we'd say it looks very aggressive and sleek.

Now, there are some guys who really hate all the bright loud neon color scheme and plethora of graphics details. The malice went even further and the Cage Six was dubbed Yamaha's approach to a crashed Ducati streetfighter. The bike might look odd for some people, but it's far from being that ugly.

The Cage Six is based on the XJ6 model, but has taken things way ahead. As far as we're concerned, the Cage Six boasts some lines in the vein of the new Tenere and Super Tenere, boasting a mixture of sleek curves and squared elements which go perfectly with its aggressive nature.

And with the addition of stunt bike elements, such as front axle footrests and no less than four crash pads, it's unclear whether Yamaha are planning to build a factory stunt bike, or if the Cage Six will make it into production. What's clear, though, is the fact that the Cage Six comes with its own appeal for the stunt enthusiasts, young riders and more aggressive pilots. And by all means, the Cage Six could very well become a starting point for a new streetfighter bike.


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