Yamaha Unveils 05GEN and 06GEN, Two New Concepts that Promote Lower Speeds

Yamaha 05GEN and 06GEN 17 photos
Photo: Yamaha
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Yamaha brings forth the 05GEN and 06GEN concept vehicles, two ideas that promote... drums rolling... slower traffic. Sounds wacky, we know that already, but the Iwata guys have not gone entirely crazy, you'll see.
The new concepts revolve around the human connection philosophy, claiming that slower vehicles could bring people together more easily. Yamaha introduces 05GEN and 06GEN as"forms of mobility that create connections, linking people and places, and people with people," and this sums up quite well what are they aimed at.

05GEN is a pedelec trike, somewhat derived from Yamaha's Tricity machines, offering a new dimension of personal mobility. With a compact body and a leaning architecture, the 05GEN is perfect even in crowded areas and, thanks to its electric muscles, a good choice for commuting.

Not being a folding bike might require parking and security but remember we're still in the concept world, and there are no thieves there. The nicest thing about the 05GEN is that it is a good indicator that Yamaha has the leaning multi-wheel in their plans for the future,

As for the 06GEN concept introduced as "a mobile veranda," it symbolizes the Japanese "engawa," a space that is neither indoors not outdoors. However, engawa connects the two while still retaining its individuality, and this attribute seems to have been a pivotal one for the 06GEN.

Created with natural materials that hark back to the comfort and familiar vibe of a homely living room, 06GEN boasts wooden floors, sofa-like seating, and mellow colors that blend in with smooth flowing lines.

Saying that the Yamaha 06GEN is inviting would be an understatement, as we can almost feel the urge to take a ride aboard it, with friends and why not, new acquaintances, sipping a cup of coffee, tea, or even some stronger beverages, slowly trailing along shady roads and paths.

And because the 06GEN is also an electric vehicle, it could be used in gardens and parks, furthermore enhancing its "blend with nature" character.

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