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Yamaha Teases New SxS, Possibly a Pad Shift YXZ1000R

Yamaha prepares another cool side-by-side they plan to unveil on the eighth of June, this year, their latest teaser tells us. While the house of Iwata is dead-silent as to how the new machine will be, we found certain hints in the video below that allowed us to make some pretty pertinent speculations. So, here it goes.
Another YXZ1000R-based version teased 6 photos
Another Yamaha YXZ1000R-based version teasedAnother Yamaha YXZ1000R-based version teasedAnother Yamaha YXZ1000R-based version teasedAnother Yamaha YXZ1000R-based version teasedMore Yamaha SxSs planned
One of the screenshots we took shows a SxS that resembles quite a lot to Yamaha's recent YXZ1000R beast. The rear "wings" of the fenders are similar to those on the YXZ1000R, and the sound of the engine appears to be in tune for both machines.

However, we weren't expecting anything entirely different, anyway. A new diagram that surfaced recently during an official Yamaha event revealed that the house of Iwata has no less than six new SxS models that will be slated soon.

Only two of these mysterious machines are two-seaters, while three are three-seaters and the last one being a 6-seater. And you don;t need use to tell you that the two-seaters were in the Personal/Sports quadrant of that diagram. It;s obvious that the upcoming SxS is developed on the YXZ1000R platform, so the news must be searched for elsewhere.

One of the most intriguing details of the video is the absence of a clutch combined with the presence of a gear indicator. This means that riders will shift gears when operating the new SxS, by means of an auto stick or pads, or that Yamaha will sport a full-auto transmission, not unlike that of Honda's DCT gearbox.

The dashboard looks identical to that of the YXZ1000R, with the redline in the same point, at 10,500 rpm. This hints that the engine might be the same as the one that animates the YXZ1000R, albeit with a different transmission.

Even though it's a shot in the dark, we dare to imagine that this new machine will bridge the base YXZ1000R model and the top-of-the-line version, which might come with a full-auto transmission and a supercharged engine. Gentlemen, place your bets, please!

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