Yamaha R1 Smokes Evo in Highway Run

There is only a handful of highly-tuned cars which can rival with the sheer brutality of a liter-class sport bike, and it looks like the Evo in this video was not up to the task.
Unfortunately the uploader of this footage does not offer details on the two vehicles, at least for the sake of a comparison as closer to the truth as possible. However, we showed this video to some of the car guys around, as we noticed the triangular rear lights of the Mitsubishi and this meant an earlier generation of Lancers.

Even after reducing the guessing pool to the best estimation, the 7th Evo generation, this is of little help. For what we know, the YZF-R1 may have a turbo charger installed and this would make the battle highly unfair. As for the car, with 280 HP in stock shape, we know it would have stood zero chances against the R1.

However, the fellows challenging such motorcycles usually drive tuned versions, and it isn't that unusual to see them go up to 700 HP or more. Maybe one of those could put the R1 to shame, but it was just not meant to be that night.
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