Yadea Rolls Out New Huan Huan E-Scooters With Insane Range and Ultra-Fast Charging

Massive two-wheeler manufacturer Yadea is adding two new products to its portfolio, following the release of Gogoro’s revolutionary battery swapping technology.
Yadea is launching two new e-scooters powered by Gogoro batteries 7 photos
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With over 50 million customers around the world and a network of over 35,000 retailers, it’s safe to say that Yadea is one of the largest global manufacturers of electric two-wheel vehicles, ranging from motorcycles to bicycles and kick scooters. Add to that the fact that China is the largest two-wheeler market in the world and you can see why the company is coming up with new products and new technologies on a regular basis.

Yadea recently announced the launch of two new e-scooters, as part of a new series developed together with Huan Huan. The two new vehicles, which will be introduced in Hangzhou, China, are meant to provide the best electric refueling experience, based on Gogoro’s innovative battery swapping technology.

What the new technology promises is that users can recharge their scooters in just a few seconds, at Swap and Go stations, without having to scan a QR code or wait for charging. The system is not only fast, but also accessible and convenient, since 45 swapping stations are already available starting from the launch day, and 80 more stations will be added by the end of this year. This means that e-scooter riders will have access to swapping stations within a 1.2-mile (2 km) radius, 24/7.

The innovative Gogoro batteries also feature a safety protection system and an intelligent BMS battery management system. The paraffin wax thermal insulation keeps them protected in any environment, and they also boast an IP67 dustproof and waterproof rating.

With a remarkable range of up to 62 miles (100 km), the new Huan Huan e-scooters with Gogoro batteries can handle short-distance commuting for an entire week, without having to wait for recharges.

Yadea hasn’t revealed more details about the new models’ design, so most likely there won’t be any big surprises in that area, with the products focused on the fast-charging batteries and extensive range.

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