Yacht Deal of the Month: Braveheart 2 Is Looking for a New Home and Selling for Under $1M

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Photo: Northrop & Johnson
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Since I started writing for autoevolution, I realized something: most people would love to have their way on a boat or superyacht, but rarely, if ever, does the average Joe like me have what it takes to afford such a machine or experience. In that spirit, I've started to hunt for machines that folks like you and me can afford.
That said, feast your eyes upon the one and only Braveheart 2, an 82-foot (25 m) motor yacht that's currently looking for a new owner, or rather, owners; this thing can accommodate up to 10 guests. If we do the math and divide the 2's starting price of $825K by ten guests, we're looking at no more than $82,500 per person in order to get your hands on this puppy. If you and your buddies bring cash and haggle like you're at a garage sale, I'm sure you could get that price down a bit more.

The question is, just what are we buying? Well, first and foremost, you need to consider that this floating haven was born back in 1987, making it just one year older than me, and since these babies age like fine wine, we're looking at a ship that's nearing the halfway point of its lifespan. Except for the fact that in 2016, the Braveheart 2 saw an extensive refit that cost over $1M Australian. Once completed, the 2 was used to sail from Australia all the way up to Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia.

Braveheart 2
Photo: Northrop & Johnson
What's neat about the 2 is the fact that it was initially built for the US market, and after its initial launch, it spent years traveling up and down the East Coast of America. It was only in 2013 that it made its way to the owners who invested in its refit. Oh, it was also built by none other than Holland's Lowland Yachts. If you're aware of this naval-inclined nation's boating and yachting history, you know you'll be sleeping easy aboard this vessel.

Now, what I found rather neat about the Braveheart 2, aside from its appealing price tag, is the fact that it's suitable for long-term living out at sea. That's because the interior is fitted with the usual luxuries available to yacht owners, like expansive and welcoming social lounges, a beach club, and even a sun deck, but the real magic lies in the presence of things like a complete galley, the likes of what we have in our homes, a breakfast bar, dishwasher, and garment washing and drying machines. Heck, for the right bucks, you don't even have to set foot on a port ever again; just pay someone else to handle everything. I do recommend whipping out the HVAC system every now and again.

Braveheart 2
Photo: Northrop & Johnson
Since I'm on about the interior of this yacht, let's continue our discovery by placing ourselves in the center of the beam-to-beam master suite. This space is to be accessed via a private entrance, offers owners a queen bed, includes TV and stereo system, and above all, his and her bathroom with washing machine.

If you don't feel like showing your face to the rest of the guests, you can very well choose not to. Again, you may need to hire a deckhand or two. An ensuite office space is also there, so you can really choose to get away from everyone. The one and only VIP room sits back to back with the master suite and has a similar design.

As for the rest of the staterooms, the images in the gallery showcase nothing but a few rooms with bunk bedding, so you may need to make sure that all your friends get along. If they don't, then Braveheart 2 could very well fit the needs of a rather large family. What's neat about these rooms is that they have their own ensuite bathrooms, too, shower and all.

Braveheart 2
Photo: Northrop & Johnson
Regarding the social areas the 2 has in store, be sure to take a look at the images in the gallery. What is interesting about the ship, and the lack of space may be a reason for this, is that the galley and interior lounge share a deck, and as a result, owners can easily access both spaces. A low roof may give you an impression of a cramped space, but U- and L-shaped dinettes easily accommodate all guests. Be sure to note the materials used to bring these spaces to life: leather, wood, and semiprecious stones are key.

But let's not forget the outdoor activities this ship has in store for its lucky owners. Aside from that upper sun deck and its lounges, a retractable bimini floods the space with light, but if you need to escape the sun, hop into a tender or dive into the waters around the 2 and cool off for a while. Personally, I never thought that I could be the proud owner of a motor yacht in this lifetime, but Braveheart 2 has changed that idea. Are you, well, brave enough to take the dive into a new lifestyle?
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