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Y62 Nissan Patrol Gets Minor Styling Updates in Australia for 2022

Twinned with the Armada, the Patrol dates back to 2010. Even though it’s 12 years old, Nissan keeps making small improvements to keep the Y62 off-roader relatively fresh in this increasingly competitive segment.
Nissan Patrol for Australia 12 photos
Nissan Patrol for AustraliaNissan Patrol for AustraliaNissan Patrol for AustraliaNissan Patrol for AustraliaNissan Patrol for AustraliaNissan Patrol for AustraliaNissan Patrol for AustraliaNissan Patrol for AustraliaNissan Patrol for AustraliaNissan Patrol for AustraliaNissan Patrol for Australia
Over in Australia, the Y62 enjoyed a record year in 2021 by selling 3,264 examples of the breed. It’s not much, but statistically, it is a record in the Oz. Model year 2022 changes are solely focused on the exterior styling.

The Patrol Ti, which is the base trim level, now sports a black grille and new brand emblem. Redesigned fender vents also need to be mentioned. The emblem and vents are shared with the better-equipped Patrol Ti-L, which retains the chrome-slatted grille. Both variants feature a 5.6-liter V8 from the VK engine family, a 32V motor with gasoline direct injection.

The aluminum-alloy mill cranks out 298 kW (400 horsepower) and 560 Nm (413 pound-feet) of torque, mirroring the output of the Armada for the United States. A seven-speed automatic is the only transmission choice, the 7R01 produced by JATCO. You know, those guys responsible for some of the worst continuously variable transmissions ever put into production.

In the go-anywhere department, Nissan’s long-running Y62 flaunts ALL MODE 4x4 full-time 4WD. Augmented with a helical LSD and a lockable differential, the system can send up to 50 percent of the torque up front.

Fitted with eight seats for the Ti grade and seven seats for the Ti-L trim level, the Nissan Patrol is rocking Hydraulic Body Motion Control suspension that includes two hydraulic systems connected by cross-link hydraulic pipes.

With the help of hydraulic cylinders on every corner, the full-size utility vehicle is designed to reduce body lean when cornering for a comfier ride and minimized fluctuation of view. HBMC doesn’t need a power source, therefore resulting in no trade-off with fuel economy (which is abysmal, of course).

As for pricing, well, the Y62 isn’t particularly affordable. Nissan is charging 82,160 and 95,115 kangaroo bucks, respectively. At current exchange rates, those prices convert to $58,635 and $67,875. The Armada, meanwhile, carries a recommended sticker price of $48,900 in the United States.

Come 2024, the replacements for the Patrol-Armada-QX80 are rumored with twin-turbo V6 power according to a fresh report. Given that Toyota has already made the switch to six cylinders in the all-new Land Cruiser and Lexus LX, it would be far more surprising to see the V8 soldier on.

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