Xplore Caravan Trailers Are Packed With Creature Comforts and Won't Empty Your Pockets

Most Europeans and Canadians have heard of the Erwin Hymer Group. Heck, even the US is starting to experience this brand's magic. That said, let's take a closer look at some of the most comfortable yet affordable machines available from the group, cranked out by British off-shoot brand Elddis.
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Xplore is the brand we'll be talking about today, and since 2008, this lineup has brought countless smiles to seekers of the greater outdoors and mobile lifestyle. Considering these units are part of Hymer's 50+ years of camping legacy, you can bet your bottom dollar that they are just what the doctor ordered.

To understand just what we're in for with this lineup of so-called caravans, let me start off by pointing out that four models are currently available on the manufacturer's website. That said, the least expensive of the bunch is the 304, cruising in with a price tag of £19,300, which is a tad under $24,000. The most expensive is the 585, a unit starting at £23,750, roughly $29,300. That sounds right within what most folks are willing to spend on such a mobile living unit.

Next on our list of things to consider when looking at an Xplore is how these babies are built. Each unit is crafted with Elddis' SoLiD Construction method which leads to a fully bonded unit with waterproof joints and 95% fewer exterior screws than units before it. In short, you won't have to worry about the elements tearing their way into your unit. Apparently, it's the same chemical bonding process used in F1 and aircraft and boat building. Did I mention the Xplore comes with a 10-year warranty? That's less than $3,000 a year spent on your very own camper.

Once that exterior is brought to life, it's all placed upon a galvanized steel chassis with a Euro-axle, and a layer of GRP flooring underskin closes off the belly from any water kicked up by the wheels of your vehicle or the camper itself. Please note that the Xplore lineup comprises only single-axle units, so roads are the only places you should be dragging this thing along.

Xplore Interior
Photo: Elddis / Erwin Hymer Group
Now, the exterior of the Xplore isn't necessarily the most wow. Still, once we step inside the units, you'll see precisely why I chose to bring these babies to light. Considering that four beauties exist, let me pick the 585 as the exemplary machine for this lineup, not only because it's the most expensive and can accommodate up to five people but it's bound to showcase all the luxuries this lineup has to offer.

From the first time I saw the floorplan, I fell in love with the way a large corridor is created, separating features and spaces as though it's no man's land. This path extends from one end of the 585 all the way to the other, allowing you to access not one but two lounges, a galley, an entertainment center, and a bathroom in the process. I'll be honest; rarely have I ever seen such an interior achieved for the price that it is.

To get a better picture of what's in store, I want you to imagine yourself inside this space. Put your hands on the Ashton cabinetry, and run your fingers along the "Maluku" upholstery and the textured walls. Set a glass down on the countless countertops, mess with the LED lights, and roll up the window blinds. Why not let some fresh air in? Heck, take your shoes off and feel a cool floor under your feet. Once you've done all that, start introducing your family members into this daydream five.

Xplore Interior
Photo: Elddis / Erwin Hymer Group
Maybe you picture yourself in some camper park, or you've found a road that leads to an outdoor haven in the middle of nowhere. Once you make it there, unload your outdoor camping gear, extend the Xplore's awning, and even turn on the sound system. But first, take in the sounds of the world around you. Hmm, it sounds like a good time to whip up some snacks.

To do so, head back inside and start whipping up your master chef skills. A three-burner gas top, oven/grill combo, and 133 l fridge are at your disposal, and countless cupboards ensure you have the utensils and spices you want and need. Sometime later, you ring the lunch bell, and suddenly, the interior fills up. Good thing those two lounges are available.

With bellies full, some of the family decides to take a nap while you hit the shower to take the smell of sauteed onions out of your skin and hair. The bathroom is the place for that where you can use a full-size shower cubicle fed by an 8 l water heater. Remember to open a window for ventilation or turn on the fan overhead.

After you step out of the bathroom and see some of the family sleeping, a smile may creep across the corner of your mouth. You spot the rest outside, running around and exploring the local landscape. Wait, I just understood why this lineup is called the Xplore. It sounds like one hell of a heartwarming lifestyle to live for less than $30K.
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Editor's note: Images in the galllery showcase an array of Xplore floorplans, features and options, and model years.

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