Xpanse Solar Panel Awning Boosts RV Life With Massive 1,000-Watt Output

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Photo: Xponent Power
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Most people are aware of the troubles you can encounter while out and about in an RV. One big hurdle is the need for off-grid electric power.
The best way to feed your RVs need for power has been and seems to always will be solar energy. Sure, you can always own a generator, but there are downsides to that tech, mainly noise and pollution are apparent by-products of use.

Now, a team known as Xponent Power has surfaced with what they're calling "disruptive renewable energy." Simply put, they're hitting the RV industry and market with a retractable solar awning known as the Xpanse.

Before I start talking about the Xpanse, it should help to know who is behind this product. You may have caught a scent of Xponent Power as they've been in the news quite heavily lately. If you haven't, all I need to say is that this crew includes RV and solar industry veterans with over 100 years of combined experience. That alone should give you a clear idea of what's behind the Xpanse.

Clearly, the entire system is set up as an awning, so you'll have to make sure it can fit your RV before you embark upon the journey of acquiring the Xpanse. Then there's installation too. Luckily this is where Xponent Power comes in as they will install Xpanse for you.

Xpanse Solar Panel Awning on RV
Photo: Xponent Power
So, what are we getting? Well, Expanse offers over 1,000 watts of juice to help power all your appliances and anything else you may need; it's a tad longer than 15 feet (4.57 meters) while extending near 7 feet (2.13 meters) once deployed.

One feature that owners are sure to get a kick out of is that the solar panels are solid, with no flexing components to potentially damage membranes. The only areas that flex are the spaces between panels which ultimately allow the awning to be deployed and retracted.

Let's say you fall in love with what the Xpanse can do for your off-grid lifestyle. If that's the case, you can expect to dish out 10,000 USD (8,650 EUR at current exchange rates) to own this system. However, there may be a catch. So far, the manufacturer's website says nothing about any other gear you may need to equip to the awning.

There's no mention if you'll need an inverter of batteries, so you may need to own those already; most RVs come equipped with these features. If you choose to dish out the $10K for this energy factory, do bring some extra along with some extra cash, just in case you need to amp up your existing systems.

Xpanse Solar Panel Awning on RV
Photo: Xponent Power
An awning system does, however, have its own drawbacks. How is Xponent taking care of things like structural integrity during unfavorable weather? This crew deals with things like the wind by devising a solid construction that isn't necessarily wind-proof but will withstand constant winds up to a certain speed. What that speed is, has not been revealed. As for things like rain and other precipitation, the awning features no protection except its casing, where it lies when retracted.

Once everything is set up and ready to fly, a controller allows you to deploy the awning in less than a minute, revealing the over 1,000 possible watts of this mobile energy plant. Ever wonder what you can do with this much juice? Well, most of our readers comment that even 500 watts of solar power are enough to sustain their habitats and off-grid lifestyle.

With the level of power the Xpanse offers, you should be able to run things like an extra fridge, more lights, and just about anything else you can think of. Why not install a washer/dryer combo, assuming your RV has room for this feature. Heck, get creative; you've got room for that.
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