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X1 Cross Helmet Flaunts 360 Degrees FOV, Siri and Google Assistant
In case you were wondering when motorcycle gear was going to start getting all techy and stuff, that time has come. Imagine there’s a helmet that lets you see 360 degrees of your surroundings. How would that change your riding experience?

X1 Cross Helmet Flaunts 360 Degrees FOV, Siri and Google Assistant

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Ladies and gents, motorcyclists of all “cc” ranges, lend me your heads so that we can save them from some damage. It goes without saying that a helmet is a very good idea when riding a motorcycle. But, there seems to be a few issues associated with them, usually rider preference.

So, in the spirit of resolving some of the issues created by the idea of a helmet (I personally see none), one team of designers and engineers have been hard at work developing not only a safe and light helmet, but one that allows for a full 360-degree field-of-vision (FOV).

The team behind the Cross Helmet X1 is, well, Cross Helmet, a Japanese group of engineers, designers, and avid motorcycle and bicycle lovers. From their experience with helmets, arose the project and product you see.

I mentioned that the X1 offers full FOV, and you may be thinking that there’s a giant segment missing from the helmet and some mirrors or such that allow you to see behind without shifting your head. However, things are a lot simpler than that: cameras people, cameras.

In order to offer the wearer a view of his or her entire surroundings, the X1 is equipped with a camera integrated right into the helmet and doesn’t affect the overall safety function of said helmet; it’s still safe and approved by DOT, ECE, and JIS, so don’t worry.

Now, I mentioned that the X1 has a rear-view camera with a wide-angle, but what do you do with the image that is captured? You won’t be seeing anything on your smart device, but rather integrated into the helmet, on a head-up display with dual monitors that shows all feed that the camera captures. No need to turn your head.

An angle of 170 degrees eliminates any apparent need to check blind spots, but old habits do die hard. On the screen, the resolution is of 0.23 nHD+ (3,281 ppi). I tried finding out what that means, but all my searches led me back to the X1 manufacturer’s website. Why? Apparently, it’s the only such system on the market.

Up next, this full-face helmet is also integrated with a sound control system. With this feature, the rider can adjust what frequencies of sounds are allowed to be heard. You can reduce engine, wind, and road sounds to bring about a less stressful ride, not to mention jamming to your favorite tune.

An integrated control panel inside the left earpiece offers easy control over things like calls, music volume, or just activating Siri or Google assistant. Not to mention smart device integration to keep track of trips, plan routes, and even enables users to talk to one another.

With all these features and an amazing ability to offer 360-degree FOV, the X1 only comes in with as a slightly heavy helmet of 1,920 grams, but hey, it’s just 220 grams heavier than the HJC 91 I currently use.

With LED safety lights and an operational time of 4-6 hours, depending on the features you run, the X1 sounds safe and full of tricks. If you want one, you’ll have to dish out $1,799 (€1,516 at current exchange rates), which isn’t too bad considering what it can do. Oh, you’ll also look like you’re a member of Daft Punk, so that’s always nice. Safe riding out there.

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