WWWing Is a Modular Drone Concept Capable of Conquering Land, Sea, and Air

It seems that drones have become more than just a military fantasy. Today, you can go to your local toy store and pick one up for just a few bucks. However, all they can normally do is fly. Not anymore.
WWWing Modular Drone 15 photos
Photo: Seyon Kim/J2MN
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Ladies and gents, this is the WWWing concept drone; let’s call it Wing for short. Unfortunately, it hasn’t become a real toy yet, but it has all the potential to be seen on shelves anytime soon. Before I reveal details about its amazing design, here's a word about the folks responsible for it.

Seyon Kim, a UX/UI designer, and J2MN, a product design studio, both from Seoul, South Korea, are the two partners responsible for the design you see. Sure, it may not look like much at first sight, but once you find out what it is exactly that you’re witnessing, I feel that you will hope to see this ready by next Christmas.

Ok, to make this simple, the Wing is meant to be a modular drone. What I mean by this is that it can perform multiple functions depending on the sort of equipment used or the task at hand.

WWWing Modular Drone
Photo: Seyon Kim / J2MN
Three different modes are available for the drone. The first is that of a classic drone; the second function allows your drone to roll along on terrestrial surfaces; the third allows this drone to sail on open waters, ponds, rivers, and even streams.

But how does all this happen? Let’s say that Wing was a real device, and you just ordered one. Out of the box, you would be looking at a bunch of disassembled pieces that include a card with simple building instructions.

The main component is the body. It includes a camera used to monitor the world around and record video, a battery and charging capabilities, and the necessary hardware to control the wings, wheels, or floats. Sensors that assist with location and obstacle identification are also hidden in the body. From here, all resemblances disappear.

Now, it’s not clear how the device is all held together, but magnets seem to play a role in the whole thing. Nonetheless, let’s say you wanted to shoot an aerial recording of some area you’re exploring. Just connect the pieces needed to get the body airborne, and away you go.

WWWing Modular Drone
Photo: Seyon Kim / J2MN
Let’s say you want to shoot a video of your travels on foot, recording all the cafés you enter while exploring a new town. Just toss on the RC car mod, the one with the hub-less rings as wheels, and the fun continues.

The final function of the Wing is that of a watercraft. If you want to record some video of the time you take your first kayak lesson or go snorkeling through coastal waters, the final mod allows the drone to follow you on your journey like electronics and water don’t have a bad history.

The designers also decided to include app connectivity to the Wing’s design. While flying, rolling along, or floating, you’ll be able to control all movements via your smartphone or device. An app meant to show you vital information about the health and status of your drone is also in the works if this project ever takes off.

Personally, I'm all for it. Why not? Just imagine the videos you’ll be able to post on social media if you had one of these do-it-all trinkets.
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