Wubbo Ockels Releases Superbus Video

We’re pretty sure that many automotive enthusiasts look at today’s buses/coaches and imagine a multitude of modifications that would make these vehicle faster and more attractive.

Moreover, we don’t think that people who have no interest for automotive creation would have anything against a radical transformation that would turn the aforementioned types of vehicles into special creations that are anything but slow and come with an unconventional design.

This is exactly what Wubbo Ockels, a Dutch inventor, had in mind when he created the vehicle you see in the adjacent image. Dubbed the Superbus, the vehicle also comes with the important asset of using an electric powertrain.

We presented the vehicle in March, but back then, this was just a project. Now, The Dutch Inventor has released a video, showing the Superbus in action.

The innovative vehicle uses electric motors that are powered by a lithium polymer battery pack and features a braking energy recovery system. Its power output sits at 408 hp and can be doubled for a period of one minute.

It offers seating for 23 people, tips the scales at 9,500 kg and measures 49.21 ft (15m) in length. The vehicle promises to offer a driving range of 130 miles (210 km/h) and a top speed of 155 mph (250 km/h).

The Superbus uses carbon fiber for both the frame and the body and also features other high-tech materials, such as Lexan Policarbonate.

As you can imagine, it offers a full range of luxury features that are aimed at offering a premium experience for its passengers.


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