WTF Of The Year: Intersection In Moscow Temporarily Blocked By Box Of Sex Toys

Did you ever had a bad day that took a sharp turn for worse? Well, you are going to feel a lot better about yourself in a moment, unless you are the protagonist of this story.
Embarrassed driver picks up box of sex toys in Moscow 1 photo
A Russian driver ended up blocking a lane and slowing down an intersection on Moscow's Tsvetnoy Boulevard this week, as a box of sex toys inexplicably dropped from his vehicle. Feel free to submit dash-cam footage of this, dear Russians.

While it is unclear where he had kept the cardboard box in the car in the first place, or how the maneuver that caused the spill happened, the entire event soon became hilarious.

How did the world find out what was in the box? Well, the bad day turned worse for the unlucky driver as it was raining, and the cardboard container broke and spilled its contents.

Since Tsvetnoy is close to Moscow's center and is a crowded place, several people stood and watched as the embarrassment unfolded, Pravda reports.

Initially, it appeared as just an unfortunate event, but passersby realized what the objects were and started laughing. If this had occurred ten years ago, nobody would have documented the story due to the lack of available media.

We are talking about photos and videos here. Since we are in the age of the Internet and Social Media, almost everyone has a smartphone with a camera these days, and they come with fast Internet connections and good cameras.

The combination of factors made this unnamed driver from Russia have an atrocious day, as he was recorded and photographed by people as he collected the “cargo” that used to be held in a cardboard box in or on his car.

If there is something to learn from this, we would say that it is a smart idea to pack your belongings carefully, and stow them in a safe place in your car.

Lock your doors as soon as all the passengers get in, and do not unlock them until you reach your destination. In the privacy of your home, you can do whatever you like, just make sure it does not end up on the Internet.


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