Wow, There Are a Lot of Lamborghini Miuras at the 50th Anniversary Gathering!

Good cars you want to own for 5 years, but the great ones will stay in your heart for a lifetime. Such is the case with the Lamborghini Miura, which many consider the original Italian supercars.
Wow, There Are a Lot of Lamborghini Miuras at the 50th Anniversary Gathering! 1 photo
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This Golf GTI of exotics is celebrating its 50th Anniversary this year. Many owners of this legendary vehicle descending upon Varano de' Melegari on July 9th for the biggest gathering of this type we've ever seen.

20 cars gathered from all over the wold, green ones, orange ones and yellow ones. The highlight was the Jota model which you can see towards the end of the video.

Of course, this being an officially sanctioned Lamborghini event, there are newer supercars everywhere, such as the Huracan Spider that joins the convoy at one point. Interestingly, a few A5s are present as... safety cars?!

It's amazing to think that boldly colored green supercar is as old as old as Wild Thing by The Troggs. This really was the maddest car company on the planet at that time. Just imagine seeing the engine was in the wrong place at a time when horses were still relatively common modes of transportation.

The designer who penned the car, Marcello Gandini was in his early 20s at that time. Heck, he is still alive today at a reasonable age of 77. That's not something you can say about the cars from the 60s in general, but it kind of explains why supercars have always been a bit immature.

The early designs for the Miura included features that entered production on other supercars decades later. For example, it was supposed to have a glass engine cover, like the Ferrari 360, and a 3-seater layout like the McLaren F1.

Another tradition launched with the Miura was launching crap supercars and then fixing them with updates later. We are talking about the Miura SV, the spiritual predecessor to the Aventador SV and others like it. It featured things that not only made it faster but also more reliable and safer to drive.

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