Would You Trust Your Scooter to a Dog?

Would You Trust Your Scooter to a Dog? 2 photos
Would You Trust Your Scooter to a Dog?
The title question is simply legit if you just take a look at the picture which accompanies this piece. Of course it's happening somewhere in Asia, the place where we see all sorts of weird things, even weirder than in Europe.
Now, at least this guy is wearing a braincap helmet, so he looks a bit more interested in personal safety than the rest of the riders out there. Well, the sandals may not be of much help in case the dog decides to race the scooter hard and subsequently crashes it, but at least an ankle injury recovery is way easier than fixing a broken skull.

Which brings us to the question again. We saw dogs being taught how to drive cars, but those cars had 4 wheels, and could not be tipped that easily, but trusting the riding direction of a 2-wheeler to a dog is a bit on the extreme side.

Well, in case of a crash, we can vouch the dog would jump to his safe being and make it out unharmed, even with no helmet. As for the rider... we're not at all sure.
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