Would You Swap Your Older Car for the New Model?

Today technology is advancing at an alarming pace. Cars seem to be particularly affected by this speed with which things are changing, models that used to be top of the line a couple of years ago, now being sold for pennies and discredited just because of their age.
2014 MINI Cooper S vs 1967 Morris MINI Cooper S 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from Youtube
Just take a look at your phone. Unless you bought it just a few days back, it’s probably already falling behind its rivals already and it won’t be able to keep its head up above the water in the next few months due to the added performance and functionality of newer models.

The same applies to technology infused in cars. However, in this case, not every new bit of kit and now every new feature is better than the one before it.

In high-performance cars turbocharged engines are starting to show up, bringing both added HP and better fuel efficiency out of smaller units but also a couple of downsides. Compared to their naturally aspirated predecessors, forced induction takes away some of the pedal sharpness and sound that we’ve been getting used to.

One such example is the new BMW M3 that is facing criticism for these aspects. Furthermore, the electric steering that reduces fuel consumption and makes driving the cars easier is also regarded as a sacrilege and downside by purists.

Therefore you might be surprised to learn that, while more efficient and more comfortable, modern cars are actually not as good to drive as their older versions. That’s where you start making choices.

What matters more for you? Shape or function? Would you like to save gas and the planet or drive like a maniac and feel like you’re alive every time you drive your car? What’s more important, looks or feel?

Those are the kinds of questions everyone in the market for a car is facing right now and everyone has to make a choice in the end. In the video below, the guests invited were put on the spot, asked if they’d trade their cars for their new equivalent.

However, things were taken to the extreme, the age difference between the cars being up to 47 years for example, in the case of a Mini Cooper S.

That was also the oldest car of the bunch, being built in 1967. The other two were a 1989 Peugeot 205 GTi and a 1997 Subaru WRX. After testing the new models, surprisingly, only the MINI owner said he’d do the swap but only because he’s getting older and the new one would be easier to live with.

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