Would You Pay €12,500 for an SBK-Grade Termignoni Titanium/Carbon Exhaust?

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Termignoni SBK exhaustTermignoni SBK exhaustTermignoni SBK exhaust has a Sprint filter that matches perfectlyTermignoni SBK exhaust
WRS is offering a Superbike-grade exhaust system as a magnificent upgrade for the Ducati Panigale bikes, but the price tag will probably stun casual riders. This Termignoni system fits the 899, 1199, or the 1299 with their R and S variations, as long as you are willing to fork out €12,500 for it.
According to today's currency exchange rates, this stands for around $14,235, which is almost enough to get a new Yamaha R1 or a similar machine. WRS is indeed very generous and offers a 25% discount for the Termignoni system, but the price is still on the insane side, at least when it comes to common riders.

However, if you are a track addict looking to transform your Panigale in such ways as to get as close as possible to the SBK standards, WRS's offer might just do.

SBK standards make the difference

Termignoni's claims are backed by facts, as this exhaust system is manufactured according to SBK standards, from materials that are superior to those used in casual aftermarket parts.

The quality of the titanium is the same with that of the metal used in MotoGP and Superbike series, Titanium Grade 5. The rigidity and light weight characteristics are comparable, so we're talking about the highest-tier equipment in the racing business.

All the bushings and connecting parts have received a special hardening treatment so that they don’t seize up even after prolonged operation under extreme conditions. The cans are made from carbon fiber, shedding even more weight off the bike, while improving the power and torque figures, too.

The exhaust port is located in the fore region of the silencer

If you take a closer look at this Termignoni exhaust, you will observe that the outlet port is not where you'd normally expect it to be. The port is located in the front area of the can, also facing outwards, instead of letting the gasses escape through the rear.

This engineering solution was adopted in SBK because the hot exhaust gasses contributed to heat building up in the rear tire, causing impredictable and excessive wear. The relocated port directs gasses away from the rear tire, and it will be surprising not to see Termignoni implementing this design in more exhausts.

A racing Sprint air filter is supplied with the exhaust system, and it needs some extra €250 for a special mapping

WRS throws in a Sprint air filter that has been engineered specifically for this exhaust, and which maximizes the performance riders can get from their "SBK-fied" machines.

Still, there is even more to obtain from these upgrades, as WRS is also offering riders the possibility to load a new engine mapping trimmed for their bike. The new ECU software will allow track addicts to squeeze the very last bit of power and torque from the engine, while making you €250 ($285) poorer, a rather insignificant expense compared to what you already paid for the exhaust.

Obviously, this Termignoni system is not street-legal, so you might want to be careful where you plan to ride your Panigale. If you have a pile of money lying around and want to buy fancy exhausts, head over to WRS and make yourself a killer present.
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