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Worst Hijacker in the World Picks a Chevrolet Bolt, Can't Drive It One Foot

Know your cars, thieves. Really, know your cars. Pick out an automotive website you like best and keep up to date. It's part of your business, after all. You may have gone into this line of work thinking hijacking requires little or no preparation, but here you are, proven oh-so-very wrong.
2017 Chevrolet Bolt 1 photo
It's a funny one, this. A 28-year-old man from Austin, Texas, tried and was successful in hijacking a harmless-looking hatchback seemingly made by Chevrolet. He approached the vehicle as it was stopped at an intersection, with the owner rolling down the window to see how he could help the good man walking in the middle of the street.

It turned out it was to kindly step out of the car and hand Cory Allen Patrick, the man who had just revealed his hijacking intentions, the keys. The owner obviously refused to do so, attempting to roll the window back up for that fake sense of security our cars provide.

Cory smashed the window and climbed inside the vehicle he apparently felt was his by now and, after a short tussle, the owner decided his life was more important than a Chevrolet hatchback, so he got out.

Statesman, the publication reporting on this story, doesn't make it very clear what happened at this point, but the fact of the matter is Cory was unable to move the Chevy one inch. In the end, he got out of the car as a nearby witness was rushing over armed with a machete, so unlike the car owner, he decided it was best not to stick around and find out his intentions.

Our best guess is this: after winning the fight with the car's owner, Cory was ready to make his getaway. Having extensive experience driving a beaten down pickup truck, he was very proud of himself when he identified the Start/stop button on the dashboard.

Since the car had obviously had its engine switched off - there was no noise, no vibrations, so it had to be off. Even Cory knew that - he pushed the button, only to successfully cut off the power to the Bolt's motor. And since the owner was now a fair distance away with the key fob in his pocket, there was absolutely nothing Cory could do to start the damn thing and go wherever it was he was headed before risking getting beheaded via machete.

Cory was eventually caught, and since hijacking is akin to robbery by assault and considered a second-degree felony in Texas, the young man now risks 20 years in prison. We have bad news for Cory: if he gets the maximum sentence, by the time he gets out he might find that most vehicles on the street are just like the Bolt that got him there in the first place. Imagine the horror.


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