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World’s Smallest High-Speed Sailboat Is Inspired by Racing, Fits in Your Car's Trunk
Sailing sounds like fun for many people, but its complexity keeps a lot of them away. What if you could feel like a sailing champion in no time? This incredible water toy boasts racing-inspired performance while being small enough to fit in your car and so easy to manage that anyone can enjoy a thrilling ride.

World’s Smallest High-Speed Sailboat Is Inspired by Racing, Fits in Your Car's Trunk

Reverso Air Small SailboatReverso Air Small SailboatReverso Air Small SailboatReverso Air Small SailboatReverso Air Small SailboatReverso Air Small SailboatReverso Air Small SailboatReverso Air Small SailboatReverso Air Small SailboatReverso Air Small SailboatReverso Air Small Sailboat
Australia is the latest one to join the list of countries where this unique boat is available, Sail World reports. Reverso Air’s popularity only keeps increasing, and it’s not surprising. This boat that’s handcrafted in France claims to be the fastest portable small boat in the world. Don’t mistake it for a simple portable dinghy. This thing cuts through the waves at incredible speeds and is engineered for performance.

Like so many other great inventions, it started with a personal desire. Antoine Simon, the founder of the Reverso boating company, wanted to be able to enjoy the thrills of a personal sailboat without all the hassle that’s typically associated with that. Describing himself as “an ardent sailor,” he dreamt of a boat that would be sporty and fun but also lightweight, easy to handle, and to transport anywhere.

The result was Reverso Air, a dinghy that’s meant to become a real adventure companion – it’s easy to fit in different types of cars, and once it gets on the water, it feels like a high-performance boat.

So, exactly how small is this next-level water toy? It measures 3.40 x 1.45 meters (11 x 4.7 feet), and it can fit up to two adults or one adult and two children or a few teenagers. This equals a maximum capacity of about 180 kg (397 lbs). Thanks to its compact design, the Reverso Air’s storage or transport dimensions are also remarkably small: 1.45 meters (4.7 feet) in length, 73 cm (2.3 feet) in height, and 92 cm (3 feet) in width.

Fully dismountable, this sailboat’s hull is comprised of four sections that float independently. The largest one weighs 37 lbs (16.8 kg), and the hull itself weighs only 121 lbs (55 kg). The Reverso team used the most advanced building technologies and the best materials to make the boat as light as possible. The Reverso Air is made from vacuum-infused fiberglass with a foam core and carbon reinforcements. Moreover, it’s handcrafted in Brittany, known as the home of sailing in France.

The mast is made of carbon fiber and weighs only 3,150 grams (6.9 lbs). It’s fitted with a next-generation Black Membrane sail, with a surface of seven square meters (75 square feet). Overall, lightness was important because it allows a smooth and also precise sailing experience, plus plenty of adrenaline-pumping accelerations.

Also, according to the manufacturer, this advanced infusion process is what gives the best weight-to-strength ratio. And that’s exactly what was needed for a high-speed boat that’s also incredibly small. After all, the Reverso Air does have a strong racing DNA because the team that created it has a background in sailboat racing, naval architecture, and even civil aviation. As a result, this little guy can cut through the waves at 16 knots (18.4 mph/29.6 kph).

With a speed record of 16.2 knots (18.6 mph/30 kph), the Reverso Air will have you feeling like a racing champion whenever you’re up for some water fun. You’d probably be surprised by its precise and responsive steering. The reduced weight, the powerful hull, and the sailing technology are the main factors that turn this dinghy into a high-speed boat. It’s a perfect match between speed and control.

Thanks to the carbon rig, the sail can be twisted with top precision. Plus, you can get instant feedback and track your speed because the Reverso Air claims to be the only dinghy that comes with an integrated cockpit recess for a GPS speedometer.

Apart from its performance on the water, what makes this boat truly amazing is its compact, portable design. It disassembles into four components that can easily fit in the trunk of most cars, and it takes less than five minutes to do that or to assemble it again. Plus, it has minimal ropes and rigs, which means not only that it’s very easy to handle compared to conventional sailboats but also that you can hit the water in no time.

There are multiple ways to fit the Reverso Air in the trunk of a vehicle, depending on whether it’s an SUV, a station wagon, or a family car. It’s, by far, one of the most portable boats out there, easy to take on road trips and camping adventures that involve some water fun.

These unique qualities got it the “Boat of the Year” title awarded by Sail Magazine USA, and even the judges apparently had a lot of fun putting this bad boy to the test in the Chesapeake Bay.

Luckily, the fastest small sailboat is available throughout the world, including the U.S. Pricing starts at €9,780 ($9,940) without shipping. But Antoine Simon also says that the Reverso Air was designed to be “a boat for several generations,” so once you own one, family fun is guaranteed for at least years to come.

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