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World’s Largest Cut Diamond, The Enigma, Came From Space and Sold for Crypto

The Enigma, the world’s largest cut diamond, as verified by the Guinness Book of World Records, is now the face of a rising cryptocurrency. It was sold at auction for an astronomical price – in keeping with its reported interstellar origin – and was paid for entirely in crypto.
The Enigma, now known as the diamond, is the world's largest cut diamond, believed to have come from outer space 6 photos
The Enigma Black DiamondThe Enigma Black DiamondThe Enigma Black DiamondThe Enigma Black DiamondThe Enigma Black Diamond
Space, high-end jewelry, and digital currency all came together in one of the latest transactions of auction house Sotheby’s. The Enigma, a large black diamond whose origin is linked to outer space, either from a meteoric impact or a supernova explosion, was put on the auction block after it went on display in Dubai.

Weighing 555.55 carats and displaying 55 facets, The Enigma is a carbonado, a rare black natural diamond. It can’t be used for jewelry like “regular” diamonds, but that’s not to say it’s worthless. In fact, as the latest auction demonstrates, it’s quite expensive.

Sotheby’s announced the results of the auction, which saw The Enigma change hands for £3,161,000, or $4,292,322 at the day’s exchange rate. The auction house also noted that “the buyer has opted to use cryptocurrency for the purchase.” This wasn’t the first time that Sotheby’s accepted crypto for payment, but it was a first it did so for an auction out of Dubai.

As it turns out, The Enigma wasn’t just paid for in crypto: it is also “the face” of crypto. The new owner has revealed himself on social media: he is Richard Heart, founder of crypto company Hex. He says he bought the diamond for “our HEXican cultural heritage” but doesn’t elaborate on what that might mean. He also talks about a “purpose” behind the purchase, but it too remains unexplained as of the time of press.

The Enigma, the black diamond of so many firsts, will now be called the diamond, Heart also says. The sale itself was not a record-breaking one, but when you have a gem as valuable as this one, its previous records will do one hell of a marketing job for you.

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