World’s First Multi-Modal Mobile Robot Looks Like a Toy Car, Has Four Steering Modes

It may look like a toy car, but this little guy is much smarter than that. With high-performance AI (artificial intelligence) modules, four steering modes and sensors, LIMO promises to be better than all the other robots in its class.
LIMO multi-modal mobile robot with AI modules 7 photos
LIMO multi-modal mobile robot with AI modulesLIMO multi-modal mobile robot with AI modulesLIMO multi-modal mobile robot with AI modulesLIMO multi-modal mobile robot with AI modulesLIMO multi-modal mobile robot with AI modulesLIMO multi-modal mobile robot with AI modules
LIMO’s developer is AgileX Robotics, a Chinese robotics company founded in 2016, which proudly calls its creation the world’s first multi-modal mobile robot with AI modules. It measures 12.6 x 8.4 x 9.7 in (322 x 215 x 247 mm) and it weighs 9.2 lb (4.2 kg).

Powered by an NVIDIA Jetson Nano Processor, LIMO looks like a cute toy-car, but is smarter and more versatile. Unlike other machines of its kind, the robot comes with four steering modes that can easily be switched within a few minutes: Omni Wheel, Four-Wheel Differential Steering, Ackermann steering and Tracked steering.

The Akermann mode is similar to automobile steering, offering stability by allowing the robot to turn the inner and outer wheels at the appropriate angles. You can customize it based on the steering speed.

If you want LIMO to have better contact with the surface, the tracked steering mode is the best one to use. The four-wheel differential steering mode is great for any terrain, from smooth roads to slopes, sandy ones and so on.

Other noteworthy features of the multi-modal mobile robot are its 360-degree scanning LiDAR, its infrared camera, high-performance sensors, 7-inch touch screen display and voice control with a built-in microphone. LIMO can have a plethora of applications, with its scanning LiDAR allowing it to map, navigate and avoid obstacles. The infrared camera also makes it suitable for use in dark conditions.

LIMO is capable of reverse parking, accurately determining its location, planning routes, object detection and so much more.

Using the ROS 1 or ROS 2 programming languages, you can customize and turn it into a multifunctional machine.

LIMO is currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign and there are 28 days to go. So far, AgileX Robotics has raised over $9,300 for the robot, although it only aimed for $5,142. A pledge of at least $1,000 will get you your very own LIMO, with the estimated delivery date being January 2022.

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