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World’s First Micro-LED Stretchable Display Is a Real Mind Bender

Royole’s stretchable micro-LED display is just like clay in your hands. You can pull it, twist it, stretch it, and bend it into spherical shapes, opening a world of new technological opportunities.
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Royole is primarily known for its foldable smartphones and is continuously working on manufacturing fully flexible displays and sensors. The company was founded by Stanford engineering graduates and has offices in China and California.

The company recently announced a new display technology that it claims to be the world’s first: a micro-LED based stretchable display. The technology is compatible with industrial manufacturing processes and the display allows you to fold it, roll it, pull it, twist it, deform it in a convex or concave way, you name it!

The technology opens up a world of possibilities and can have numerous applications. It can be used to manufacture more compact and smart devices with dome or spherical shapes, according to Royole. The elasticity of the display can make it usable in a variety of industries, from smart transportation to sports, health, fitness, and fashion.

Royole’s micro-LED display is capable of stretching by 130 percent and allows convex bending up to 40 degrees. It can reach a resolution of up to 120 PPI (pixels per inch), which makes it useable for laptop screens as well.

The technology can also be used in car windshields, as it transmits more light (up to 70 percent transmittance) than flexible OLED technology, which means it offers better transparency.

Royole also introduced the world’s thinnest full-color AMOLED flexible display in 2014, with a thickness of 0.01mm (0.0003 in) and a bending radius of 1mm (0.03 in).

For now, it’s still a stretch just to imagine a world full of oddly shaped, twistable, and rollable electronics and objects, but we’re staying flexible and waiting for updates.

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