World’s First Lamborghini Drift Car is a RWD Murcielago for Japan’s D1GP

Lamborghinis don’t make good drift cars. Sure, Sant’Agata Bolognese machines may have just the right styling to wet the public’s and the sponsors’ appetite, but they don’t drive as well as you’d expect after growing up with posters of them.
World’s First Lamborghini Drift Car is an RWD Murcielago 1 photo
However, this hasn’t stopped Japanese (of course) drifter Daigo Saito from commissioning the world’s first Lamborghini drift car. We are talking about D1GP’s Daigo Saito, who is currently testing a Lamborghini Murcielago sideways machine.

The Murcielago in question has kept its naturally-aspirated V12, which has been dialed to 650 hp. Sure, that might not seem like much when compared to Daigo’s 1,000 HP GT-R, but we expect the car to go down the turbocharging route in the future.

The chassis of the Raging Bull has been heavily modified and you’ll be able to see a part of the building process in the first video below. Those of you who have been behind the wheel of a Murcielago can forget all about the heavy feeling and the understeer, this is an all-custom setup that has “weight transfer” spelled all over it. The RWD conversion (not sanctioned by Valentino Balboni) was mandatory.

As for the visual setup used here, the overly bold body kit fitted to the Murcie comes from Japanese tuner Liberty Walk, an aftermarket developer whose international affairs have boomed over the last few years.

The build took seven months to complete, with testing kicking off last month. You can check out a brief sideways Lambo hooning episode in the second clip below. Unfortunately, it seems not everybody in Japan owns a decent smartphone, so the video quality is disappointing.

To get an idea of how Daigo rolls, we’ve added a third piece of footage below, which shows him manhandling his Godzilla in Full HD resolution. This one is a memorable piece of slip angle shenanigan.

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