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World’s First Diesel-Hydrogen Outboard to Be Demonstrated at the Portsmouth Port

Green hydrogen is showing up more and more as an efficient alternative to conventional fuels, enhancing battery efficiency and extending the range of various clean energy vehicles, including speedboats.
Cox Marine will operate a boat equipped with the first dual fuel diesel-hydrogen outboard 9 photos
Cox Marine OutboardCox Marine OutboardCox Marine OutboardCox Marine OutboardCox Marine OutboardCox Marine OutboardCox Marine OutboardCox Marine Outboard
Maritime operations are an essential part of the UK’s economy, but also one of the largest contributors to the high level of CO2 emissions. In order to move toward a carbon net-zero future, both vessels and ports need to transition to clean energy alternatives. Shipping, Hydrogen & Port Ecosystems UK (SHAPE UK) is an ambitious project that wants to introduce a green hydrogen generating system at the Portsmouth International Port (PIP). This way, PIP will become the country’s first completely emissions-free maritime hub.

The project includes several key steps, starting with the installation and testing of a modular hydrogen electrolyzer, in Portsmouth. The system’s efficiency will then be tested with the help of a boat equipped with a hydrogen dual fuel outboard. This is where the British diesel technology developer, Cox Marine, comes in. Cox will convert one of its powerful diesel outboard engines into a dual fuel hydrogen engine, in order to demonstrate its efficiency in a port environment.

In order to convert its CXO300 outboard into a dual fuel engine, Cox will collaborate with the University of Brighton. “I see development of effective and useable hydrogen-based marine propulsion systems as essential if we are to drive down emissions while continuing to provide essential transportation systems,” said Tim Routsis, CEO of Cox Powertrain. And the UK, with its tradition in maritime operations, is the perfect place to develop and test such innovative systems.

The Shape project also intends to develop a digital twin of the Portsmouth Port, which will be used as a tool to help assess and develop similar hydrogen-based systems in other ports, as well. Another component of the project is researching the current regulations regarding the generation and use of hydrogen in ports – if changes need to be made, the project will make sure that they are addressed.

No additional details regarding the converted CXO300 outboard have been released yet, but we’ll know more once the first in-port demonstration is conducted.

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