World's Largest Airline Is Going Supersonic

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Not since the demise of the Concorde in 2003, after 27 years in the skies above, have commercial airline passengers had the option of flying at supersonic speeds to reach their destinations.
Slowly but surely, the second coming of supersonic commercial air travel is growing closer by the day, attracting interest from established commercials airlines.

Enter Boom Technology, Inc. operating under the trade name Boom Supersonic. Founded in 2014 in Denver, Colorado, the company is designing a supersonic plane called the Boom Overture with the ability to carry 65 to 80 passengers at Mach 1.7 over water and a range over 4250 nautical miles. The speed is equal to 1304 mph (2099 km/h) and twice the speed of the fastest commercial airliner.

In June of 2021, United Airlines agreed to purchase 15 Boom Overtures once the aircraft meets certain safety, operating, and sustainability standards. The deal includes an option for 35 additional aircraft.

Today (August 16), Boom announced a similarly structured deal with the world's largest airline, American Airlines. The agreement spells out the purchase of 20 Boom Overture aircraft with an option to buy 40 more, with AA forking over a non-refundable deposit on the first 20 aircraft. There is no information available regarding the cost of each plane.

The Overture, for its part, must meet industry-standard operating, performance and safety requirements in addition to customary requirements by American before the delivery of any aircraft.

The design of the Overture will enable it to fly over 600 routes in roughly half the time it takes today's commercial airliners. As an example, a 5-hour and 42-minute flight from Los Angeles to Honolulu could be reduced to under three hours.

“Looking to the future, supersonic travel will be an important part of our ability to deliver for our customers,”
said Derek Kerr, American’s Chief Financial Officer. “We are excited about how Boom will shape the future of travel both for our company and our customers.

The final production design of the Boom Overture was released in July and is expected to be in production in 2025 and ready for commercial use by 2029. The aircraft is sure to be put through its paces regarding manufacturing quality and safety operations by a renewed and tougher Federal Aviation Administration.
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