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World's First Suzuki Jimny Drift Car Goes All Out in Japan, like a Short Silvia

We've always described the Suzuki Jimny as the little offroader that could. This ultra-compact Suzuki has built a rock solid reputation thanks to its rugged terrain abilities and overall friendliness, but none of that make it a likely candidate for a drift machine.
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Well, it all depends on whom you ask and we're here to see what Japanese parts company Kinokuni thinks about this. Getting straight to the point, we'll tell you they've built the world's first Suzuki Jimny drift car.

Thanks to racer and YouTube aficionado Noriyaro, who is constantly showing us slices of the JDM car culture, we can now check out this machine in action.

While the thing may look like a slammed Jimny, we are actually dealing with a Suzuki shell dropped on a custom tube frame. The suspension comes from the Nissan Silvia and so does the SR20DETT engine. So if you decide to call this a short Silvia, we won't hold anything against you.

The oddball drifter has recently enjoyed its first testing session on the Suzuka Twin Circuit. No, this is not the asphalt temple they use in Formula One, but a different track. As its name explains, the location includes two tracks, one for time attacks and one for sliding.

The no-ground-clearance Jimny seems to be doing an excellent job at turning its rear tires into smoke, delivering respectable slip angles in the process.

With Noriyaro strapping a camera to his helmet and getting behind the wheel, we are also offered a POV take on the drifting, which allows us to understand the car's behavior.

Then again, given the square-like chassis (we're talking wheelbase vs. track width here) and the lightweight construction, we don't need a test drive to figure out how it feels to drift this Jimny.

The two words that best describe the way in which the Suzuki handles when going sideways are probably "direct" and "twitchy," but we'll let the video do its job now.

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