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World's First Cycling Backpack With Integrated Airbag Promises to Break Your Fall

Falling off your bike is never a pleasant experience, no matter what the circumstances. And why should car drivers be the only ones to benefit from a little extra protection in case of an accident? To address this problem, this company came up with a cycling backpack that has an airbag.
EVOC Sports Commute Air Pro 18 cycling backpack 6 photos
EVOC Sports Commute Air Pro 18 cycling backpackEVOC Sports Commute Air Pro 18 cycling backpackEVOC Sports Commute Air Pro 18 cycling backpackEVOC Sports Commute Air Pro 18 cycling backpackEVOC Sports Commute PRO 22
EVOC Sports is a German sports backpack manufacturer based in Munich and had an interesting new concept to present at this year’s IAA Mobility event, which takes place in that very same city. EVOC developed what it claims to be the world’s first bicycle backpack with integrated airbag technology.

Bike commuting is not just a trend but a lifestyle for most people living in Munich, which probably was inspiring for EVOC. The Commute Air Pro 18 was specifically created for being used in urban areas.

At first glance, the pack looks just like your regular bike accessory. It has several useful compartments to store your EDCs (everyday carry) such as wallet, smartphone, glasses, etc., and there’s even a laptop compartment that offers quick access on the side.

The backpack is made of recycled polyester and comes with a hip belt that you can adjust to your liking.

But there’s more to the Commute Air Pro 18 than meets the eye. An 18L inflatable airbag and some motion sensors, to be more specific. There’s an electric magnetic buckle incorporated in the chest strap that activates or deactivates the entire system. You can recharge the motion sensors via USB.

The sensors in the backpack analyze its position and location, up to 1,100 times per second. Events such as a fall mechanically trigger the system through the explosion of an electric igniter. This inflates the airbag in as little as 0.2 seconds, unleashing its full protective potential. According to EVOC, this reduces the force and braking acceleration acting on the rider by up to 80 percent.

Replacing the cartridge after the deployment of the airbag makes the system usable again. EVOC also ensures customers that it will replace the removable back protector for free in case it shows signs of damage after a crash.

The Commute Air Pro 18 will be available for purchase next spring at the price of €900 (approximately $1,060).

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