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World's First "Balance Assist System" on E-Scooters Is Powered by Honda and Striemo

As a solution for safety sustainable riding through the city, Striemo Inc. in partnership with Honda have developed "Striemo," an electric micro-mobility product that offers a new movement experience. Built around the idea of safety for any road conditions, the innovative e-scooter gives the user the confidence that someone has its back.
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Striemo, an electric micro-mobility productStriemo, an electric micro-mobility productMarc Marquez Honda TeamHRI ErgonomicsHonda Global Innovations
The popularity of e-scooters has grown at an astonishing rate in the last 5 years, when people felt the need for faster and more eco-friendly transportation in the city, and when companies like Lime, Bird and Uber saw the potential of this industry. The USA is the epicenter of e-scooters, followed by Europe and Latin America, and lastly, the Asia Pacific region is also making its way to the segment.

Just launched, the three-wheeled electric product is an upgrade of the electric kickboard, as it features the world's first "balance assist system," an intuitive technology that prevents falling, no matter the speed that it is driven. Using racing-based studies of human reactions and the balance control technology that Honda has developed through the years, Striemo is a special means of transport designed to reduce the anxiety of balancing while driving.

With an accident rate 18 times higher than that of bicycles, it seems that one of the main reasons for accidents involving kickboards is their anatomy, since the distance between the front and rear wheels is narrow, and the center of gravity increases significantly when the driver is moving. As a response to this, the unique structure of the new Striemo is based on an original balance assist mechanism, where the center of gravity balance is calculated based on one-tenth of a millimeter.

Striemo is scheduled to be sold first to Japanese consumers and as mobile micro-mobility for commercial facilities, airports, warehouses, construction sites, followed by the Western market in 2023, aiming to become a "new standard for micromobility". Some of Striemo's announced specifications are: weight around 20 kg (44 lbs) (Japan launch edition), maximum speed of 25 kph (15.5 mph), and a range of about 30 km (18.6 miles) with a charging time of 3.5 hours.

Striemo Inc. is a startup originated from IGNITION, a Honda New Business Creation Program meant to solve societal issues and create new value for its customers and society.

"My goal is to make Striemo one of the most commonly used mobility products in people's everyday lives around the world and create a better world where people enjoy the freedom of mobility", said Yotaro Mori, Co-Founder & CEO of Striemo Inc.

"Honda has many associates who have a challenging spirit. Mr. Mori is one of them who has a strong passion to help people and contribute to society as soon as he can. Through our IGNITION program, Honda will support Mr. Mori in realizing his passion through a new challenge of starting his own business venture." - Shinji Aoyama, the Chief Juror of the IGNITION program, Senior Managing Executive Officer of Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

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