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World's Fastest Street Legal GPLimousine Has Room for Six

Traveling to a party in a comfortable limo, with flashing lights and champagne, is probably one of the most enjoyable things in one's whole life. Today's limousine, however, is a bit different and unique, we would say. Canadian Michael Pettipas presented the so-called world's fastest street legal GPLimousine which, according to Global Motors, may break the 300 mph milestone under normal circumstances.

But the most uncanny thing isn't necessary limo's goal to beat the world's top speed record but the fact that it has enough room for six plus the driver and has no roof. This means no champaign but many more flashing lights, this time coming from the sun and not from the paparazzi.

What's interesting is that the creator offers several packages to corporations interested in renting the limousine for their employees, with prices starting at $5,000 per package and $200 per lap.

“In the business world this means doing what the other guys can't! It means being on the cutting edge and securing your place at the top and bringing your clients opportunities of a life time.It's all part of the GP LIMOS. Dream and we brought enough seats for some very special friends. If the best your competitor can do is a front row seat. GP Limos can assist you in showing your special clientèle what a REAL VIP seat feels like!” he says in an advertisement published on the official website.

So, in case your company has enough money to spend on a six-seat limousine, the world's fastest street legal GPLimousing would be a great vehicle to start with. And as a conclusion, keep in mind that wearing a denture or having a fancy hairstyle may prove to be a bad, bad idea.


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