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World's Fastest 2015 Ford Mustang GT Pulls 9s Quarter Mile

This week may have brought us the Ford Shelby GT350 Mustang, a pony that somehow picks up where the Boss left off, but, for the aftermarket world, this is but an appetizer. Various custom car specialists have already dug deep into the 2015 Mustang engine compartment, some of them having already gone past the naturally aspirated border - the 725 hp Fisker Rocket is an example as good as any.
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Not all of them have managed to hit the drag strip yet, so, at least for the moment, the 2015 'Stang in the clip below remains the fastest in the world. We've talked about Bama Performance's take on the Mustang GT already, but meanwhile the crew has added a nitrous goodie, as well as a few other upgrades. For instance, while the stock intake manifold works better than a Boss piece the guys tried to install, when they went into the Nitrous woods, they discovered the Boss was actually the way to go.

Returning to the battle with the stopwatch, the Bama Performance 2015 Ford Mustang came with some pretty neat numbers, namely 9.91s at 135.41 mph (218 km/h).Powertrain
• Boss Intake Manifold
• JLT Cold Air Intake
• Bama Performance Track Tune w/FTW Fuel
• Injector Dynamics ID1300 Injectors
• Boost-A-Pump
• Driveshaft Shop Carbon Fiber Driveshaft
• Driveshaft Shop 1400 HP Axle Half-Shafts
• Custom Exhaust (1 7/8" Long Tubes, Off-Road X Pipe, Bullet Mufflers that Dump)
• Nitrous Express Coyote Nitrous Kit - Plate System Suspension and Chassis Upgrades
• Custom Fabricated Suspension Parts – Stock IRS Bushings
• Slicks and Skinnies – 17" Weld RTS With Mickey Thompson
• Front Runners – Hoosier Drag SlicksWeight reduction
• Weight Reduction Around ~3,450 lbs (1,565 kg) with Driver and Half-Tank
• Ford Racing Light Weight Front Bumper SupportTime for a few comparos
How does this compare to the stock 2015 Mustang GT? The standard five-oh deals with the task in 12.8s, which makes it 0.1s slower than its solid axle predecessor. As for the comparo with the 2015 Dodge Challenger Hellcat, unleash a Mopar machine onto a drag strip and it will complete the quarter mile task in 11.2 seconds, or 10.8 seconds when fitted with drag radials.

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