World of Warships: Legends Adds the First Tier VIII and Commonwealth Ships, Prizes Galore

Teased earlier this month, the New Horizons update brings a bunch of powerful ships to World of Warships: Legends, along with bonuses, prizes, return of the collaborations, and special events content. This also marks the arrival of the first Commonwealth ship, the Vampire destroyer.
World of Warships: Legends Tier VIII ships 10 photos
Photo: Wargaming
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More importantly, the New Horizons update adds Tier VIII ships for the first time since the game’s launch. There are no less than 12 news ships of 4 nations in the Tech Tree alone, which is probably the biggest news for World of Warships: Legends since forever.

Following the addition of 12 Tier VIII ships, the Tech Tree is getting overhauled, and many changes to matchmaking and economy have been implemented too. Below is the full list of Tier VIII ships grouped by nation, which have been introduced with the New Horizons update:

  • Battleship Maine
  • Cruiser Buffalo
  • Destroyer Allen M. Sumner

  • Battleship Izumo
  • Cruiser Ibuki
  • Destroyer Yugumo

  • Battleship Friedrich der Große
  • Cruiser Roon
  • Destroyer Z-46

  • Battleship Sovetsky Soyuz
  • Cruiser Dmitri Donskoi
  • Destroyer Delny

World of Warships\: Legends Tier VIII ships
Photo: Wargaming
Keep in mind that all the ships in the Tier VIII will be obtainable in the Tech Tree after the update is installed, but you’ll need to have unlocked and maxed out the respective Tier VII ships. Wargaming also announced that two other Tier VIII ships that complete the initial lineup are the French battleship Republique, the ultimate L’Ambassadeur campaign prize, and German destroyer Elbing, available through this update’s Auction.

To mark the game’s third anniversary, Wargaming will offer players some one-time bonuses for the first win on each ship from Tier IV to Legendary from August 8 through August 15:

  • Tier IV: 2x Hunter camos
  • Tier V: 2x Anniversary camos
  • Tier VI: 3x Rare Battle boosters
  • Tier VII: 3x Epic Battle boosters
  • Tier VIII: 1x Insignia
  • Legendary Tier: 1x Summer Big Crate

To top it all off, the “First Win Bonus” has been bumped to x5 from August 26 through August 29, so don’t forget to log in and get your rewards later next month.

As the title says, the New Horizons update introduces the first Commonwealth ship to the game, the Tier II Premium destroyer Vampire. According to Wargaming, this ship is outfitted with rapid-reloading guns, good angling, and it starts with Commander Leonard Murray onboard. More importantly, players can get all these for free alongside more in-game goods by picking up the corresponding bundle in their platform store from August 1 through August 29.

World of Warships\: Legends Commonwealth Destroyer Vampire
Photo: Wargaming
One of the several special events revealed this week by Wargaming, Anniversary Bureau, introduces a slew of crates packing various items, including some with a chance of Premium ships. The range of collab and event goods during this birthday celebration includes items from the following ranges:

  • Arpeggio of Blue Steel -Ars Nova- & Golden Week
  • Black Friday
  • Halloween
  • New Year & Lunar New Year
  • Stellar Clash, including a chance to get the all-new Des Moines Galaxy skin
  • Warhammer 40,000

The first to be available from the moment the update hits are the Warhammer 40,000 goodies and the Halloween collection, but more will follow in the coming weeks.

The L’Ambassadeur Campaign is making a comeback too. The French Tier VIII battleship Republique is the main reward, this time with an active Admiralty Backing. Additionally, the Premium bonus for Tier VIII credit earnings will be set at 15%, the same as it was for Tier VII before the economic changes.

World of Warships\: Legends L'Ambassadeur Campaign
Photo: Wargaming
It’s also important to highlight some of the carriers; balance changes that have been implemented due to the release of Tier VIII ships. In particular, Tier VII aircraft carriers and Japanese Tier V Premium Zuiho have been changed as follows:

  • Tier VII Lexington (upgraded dive bombers, stock, and upgraded torpedo bombers)
  • Tier VII Kaga (stock dive and torpedo bombers)
  • Tier VII Shokaku (stock and upgraded dive and torpedo bombers); Shokaku's squadrons were increased from 8 to 9 aircraft with attack unit size going to 3 instead of 2 for both stock and upgraded torpedo bombers; hangar size for stock version increased from 12 to 15 aircraft, maximum bomb damage was increased from 10,100 to 10,600 for both stock and upgraded dive bombers
  • Tier V Zuiho (dive and torpedo bombers); Zuiho's maximum bomb damage was also increased from 9,100 to 9,400
  • Tier VII Implacable (stock and upgraded dive and torpedo bombers); hangar size for both stock and upgraded version increased from 12 to 15 aircraft
  • Tier VII August von Parseval (stock and upgraded dive bombers, upgraded torpedo bombers); Parseval's maximum torpedo bomber damage was also decreased from 5,833 to 5,600 for both stock and upgraded aircraft
  • Tier VII Pobeda (stock and upgraded skip and torpedo bombers); Pobeda's torpedo speed was also increased from 35 to 40 kt.

Last but not least, a new Italian battleship commander, Angelo Iachino is making his way into the game. Focused on gunnery accuracy, Iachino will drastically improve survival skills too. He has no less than three unique abilities: Go Away (increase your main battery shell grouping by up to 7% while shooting at cruisers and by up to 3% while shooting at destroyers and battleships), Iron Resolve (increase repair party and damage control party consumables duration by up to 15%, if those are activated simultaneously), and Testudo (reduce incoming damage from shells, bombs, and torpedoes while Repair Party consumable is active by up to 20%).

World of Warships\: Legends Commander Angelo Iachino
Photo: Wargaming
The new changes announced today with the New Horizon update are just the most important ones coming to the game today, but more events, bonuses, and prizes will be revealed by the end of August, so stay tuned for more.
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