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World, Meet the Cockpit of the Future

Ever wondered what the future will look like? Well, there’s no need to wait anymore, at least for car enthusiasts who hoped to experience the functions future cars may bring. Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications, Heinrich-Hertz-Institut, HHI in Berlin developed what seems to be the most advanced cockpit ever designed, with 3D pictures and driver recognition among the highlights.

If the news is still fuzzy to you, let us explain. The so-called “cockpit of the future” brings all the information the driver would need in 3D mode. This includes driving directions, vehicle information and traffic details displayed straight on the dashboard. Moreover, the cockpit can be easily configured for multiple profiles, meaning that it allows several persons who drive a specific car to set up their preference and save them into the in-built memory.

Every time a driver turns on the ignition key, the system automatically loads is settings. No need for re-configuration, security PINs or passwords. The cockpit uses two separate cameras installed inside the car that analyzes the drivers’ eyes and their position in real time, thus providing the best possible 3D view.

“The information most important to the driver at any given time is displayed in the foreground – be it the air pressure, the route or the title of the song currently playing,” says HHI project manager Dr. René de la Barré.

The cockpit permanently communicates with the driver, informing him whenever there’s something wrong with the car. For instance, the built-in voice support automatically tells the driver “Please refuel” whenever the fuel level goes very low. In some cases, the MP3 player demands the driver to select a song or an artist just after he turns on the ignition.

No need to hurry to search for its price because the researchers will demonstrate the first prototype in March at CeBIT in Hanover.


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