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Woman’s Van Rolls into Georgia River When She Freaks Out Over Spider

One woman’s fear of spiders cost her her van and could have easily led to serious physical harm, as she jumped out of her car when she noticed a creepy-crawler had landed in her lap.
Woman's car rolls down in Georgia river after spider lands in her lap 5 photos
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The woman’s identity hasn’t been made public, but the Georgia State Patrol confirms for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution responding to a call of a vehicle that had rolled into a river. When they arrived at the scene, they found the female owner but not sight of the car.

To her bad luck, it became fully submerged and was then carried away. No word on what happened to the poor spider that was inside and that, apparently, caused this chain of events.

The woman told the police that she was backing her Kia van down a boat launch, in order to put her kayak in the Etowah River. At that moment, she saw a spider landing in her lap and she panicked so badly that her only thought was to get out of the car ASAP.

That she should put the car in park first didn’t even cross her mind, so as she ran from the vehicle, it slowly rolled backwards into the river. She watched it disappear from sight.

“She stated that it floated downstream a few feet,” a GSP spokesperson tells AJC. “And within seconds, it was totally submerged. A passerby in a boat attempted to locate the van, but without success.”

There is some good news, though: the woman was informed by her insurance company that they would be paying for a dive team to come and search for the vehicle and fetch it back to dry land. She will still be car-less, but at least she will now have a physical reminder of why it’s never a good idea to jump out of your car without proper precautions, regardless of how scared you are of spiders.


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