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Woman’s Tiny House on Wheels Stolen in St. Louis

Americans have been embracing a more minimalist approach to living, and the trend of tiny houses has gained popularity in recent years. Meghan Panu was thisclose to finishing her dream tiny house when thieves stole it.
Woman builds tiny house on wheels, thieves steal it in St. Louis 5 photos
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It was tiny but it was nowhere near close to cheap. The Webster University graduate, from St. Louis, Missouri, has been working on it for the past 2 years, investing $20,000 into it so far. She built it from scratch and finished it this September, and was planning to do the interior, have it furnished and move into it in spring.

She also wanted to move the house at an intentional living community she had founded with other residents. That last part was easy; in fact, she could take the tiny house wherever she wanted because it had wheels.

That’s probably what the thieves who took it also thought. When the tiny house disappeared, it was parked outside Refab, a popular spot for home remodeling supplies. It was hooked to a trailer, but that didn’t stop the thieves from unhooking it and taking off with it.

Panu announced the disappearance of her 20-foot-long tiny house over the weekend, asking for help in tracking it down on social media. She’s also reported it to the police but, so far, she’s been getting plenty of updates on the house’s possible location on Facebook.

Many people, not necessarily friends of the young woman, reached out to report having seen the tiny house traveling towards California. Apparently, it’s being towed by a light gray, newer model Ford pickup truck, driven by 2 men. Fellow motorists note that it looks like the house’s weight is too much for the Ford.

Panu is hoping to see her tiny house again. The thieves probably took it to resell it, so it won’t be taken apart: these living units cost a lot of money to buy and can bring just as much if they’re resold.

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