Woman Pushes Elderly Man Off Bus, is Arrested For Murder

A vile gesture may land a woman in prison on murder charges, after the man she pushed off a bus died from his injuries.
Elderly victim pushed off a Las Vegas bus dies from his injuries 5 photos
School bus has a cocktail of snow and gravitySchool bus has a cocktail of snow and gravitySchool bus has a cocktail of snow and gravitySchool bus has a cocktail of snow and gravity
The incident actually occurred on March 21, 2019, but the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is only making it public now. The department has also released footage of it, in a bid to get eyewitnesses to build a case and ultimately have them testify in court against the suspect. You will also find it at the bottom of the page.

According to the police, 74-year-old Serge Fournier got into an argument with Cadesha Bishop just moments before he arrived at his stop – where he was pushed off the bus. Bishop had been yelling profanities at the other passengers and Fournier tried to get her to see reason.

His parting words to her were “be nicer to passengers,” reports online say. He then took his cart and turned his back to the woman, who used this opportunity to shove him with both hands out the door of the bus. Fournier hit his head on the pavement as he fell.

When police arrived on the scene, he refused medical assistance, while he gave officers all the details he had about the suspect. That night, he took himself to the hospital as he was feeling worse. On April 23, he died in hospital, and his family notified the police about it earlier this month.

A few days ago, Bishop was arrested and placed on house arrest, after she made bail. She’s facing a charge of open-murder of an elderly-vulnerable person, and police are looking for eyewitnesses to build the case.

“Detectives would like to speak anyone present during this incident on March 21, 2019, in which an elderly male was pushed from a bus near Fremont St and 13th St, around 5PM,” the department says in a post on social media.

Reports online claim that Bishop was traveling with her kids on the bus, at the time when she pushed and ultimately killed an old man for daring to tell her to refrain from cursing.


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