Woman Lends Homeless Man Her Chrysler, He Robs a Bank And Steals The Car

One woman’s good dead before Christmas turned out to be a huge mistake, when the person she thought she was helping turned out to be a bank robber and a car thief. And a Grinch that ruined Christmas for the kids in the family.
Bank robber steals Chrysler with Christmas presents inside 15 photos
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Jennifer Benge from Corbin, Kentucky, owns a Chrysler. She lends it to her mother-in-law on a daily basis, so she can drive to and from work, she tells NBC affiliate Lex18.

The other day, a co-worker approached the mother-in-law and told her that he’d recently became homeless. He asked if he could borrow her car so he could run some errands, and not once stopping to question his story, she agreed.

“He told her he was going to the laundromat, to do some laundry, it was really cold. So she told him to go ahead. And we ended up finding out that he robbed a bank,” Benge explains for the media outlet.

The police confirm that the man did rob the local bank and used the Chrysler as his escape vehicle. They also identify the man as Timothy Sample and say that he simply walked into the bank, showed a gun to the clerk and walked away with the money he had demanded.

Benge has one more reason to be angry at the situation, in addition to having the family car stolen and used to carry out crime: the trunk was packed with the kids’ Christmas gifts.

“My son really loves Minecraft so there was a lot of Minecraft figurines and LEGO sets and things like that. And they aren’t cheap,” the woman says, on the verge of tears. Still, she says she won’t let this incident bring her out of the Christmas spirit and will help a fellow man in need if they ask for it. That probably means she’s not upset at her mother-in-law for trying to do some good, even if it didn’t end well for them.

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