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Woman Falls Off Motorcycle, Rider Doesn’t Even Notice

You know those “If you can read this, the b***h fell off” rider T-shirts? They might tell a bit of truth as this rider doesn’t even notice the struggle his pillion is going through in the back before falling to the ground.
Woman falls off motorcycle 5 photos
Woman falling off bikeWoman falling off bikeWoman falling off bikeWoman falling off bike
Honestly, what is even happening in this clip? Is it bad communication, lack of skill, revenge or poor pillion instruction? According to the description, the incident was filmed by a young motorcyclist during a riding trip with his family. So we suppose those two are his mom and dad.

Which makes you think they care for each other and have at least talked about what not to do while riding. But at a stop, the woman appears to want to get off the bike, or stand up, unsettling the big cruiser’s equilibrium and putting the rider through a rough time trying to hold it up.

With one foot down and the other one caught on the other side of the bike, the woman loses her balance too, hopping and further putting strain on the bike and rider. The latter, gets confused (or angry) and suddenly starts accelerating, which sends the woman down face first.

The son following behind and filming stops and discovers his mom is unconscious, with his dad showing up a few seconds later. Fortunately, the lady regained her senses and didn’t look to have suffered any injury as she stands up at some point and hugs her husband.

Of course, this could have been avoided if the rider instructed his passenger what to do beforehand. Each time you take a new pillion, you are obliged to inform him/her what to expect and what not to do.

This includes keeping their feet off the ground and on the footpegs at ALL times, even when the bike stops. And that they should first notice the rider they are going to get off the bike, so he won’t be taken by surprise and not be able to hold the machine up.

Oh, and probably better riding equipment should be used too. A t-shirt, shorts, sneakers and a skully helmet won’t do you much good, even at low speeds like this.


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