Woman Dragged by Car Because She Wouldn’t Let go of Her iPhone

One woman from Little Rock, Arkansas got dragged by car when she met with a potential buyer she’d found for her iPhone on Facebook Marketplace.
Woman tries to sell iPhone, is dragged by car during robbery 1 photo
Kyesha Raulston tells Fox16 that she’d used the platform before to sell or buy stuff, but she’d never had this kind of dangerous experience. Still, considering it could have turned much worse, she’s thankful that she walked away with just bruises and sore toes.

She spoke with the alleged buyer and he agreed to come over to her workplace. However, she says, she could sense something was wrong when he didn’t pull in the parking lot, but merely pulled over his silver Mercury sedan and didn’t even get out. The surveillance cameras were still able to catch the transaction – including the moment when the man sped off with Raulston hanging on to his side door.

The woman says she handed him the phone and he gave her some money, but they looked too green to be real. This is when she reached out inside and tried to grab the phone from his hand – and when he decided to just drive off.

As you can see in the video at the bottom of the page as well, Raulston was able to hold on to the speeding car at least until it was out of the range of surveillance camera. She says the man eventually slowed down so she could let go of the car and just fall on the road.

As strange as it may sound, she’s grateful to him for that, because she knows he could have just kept going and she would have ended very hurt. Nonetheless, Raulston wants to warn other people against of blindly trusting so-called buyers they chat up to online.

“You just have to be really careful, and especially on social media. Just really have to check them out,” she says. “The police told me they would meet me and watch any type of transaction.”

Little Rock Police estimate the price of the iPhone at $1,400. They already have a person of interest and the investigation is underway.


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