Woman Cheated On Destroys Her Partner's Bike with an Axe

Woman destroying her boyfriend's bike with an axe 1 photo
Photo: Facebook capture
You've seen this happen, some of you even live: a woman that's been cheated on by her boyfriend or husband taking revenge in destroying property. The internet is littered with such videos and similar stories have been passed around in oral form since decades ago.
From supercars destroyed with pick axes to pouring wet concrete in cars, using paint, feces, or keys to deface vehicles, we can meet a wide variety of methods to make someone pay.

Well, this is of course, only one face of the whole deal, because many vehicles are insured against vanadalism, as well, and the insurance company will have to fork out the money. After all, it's not their business why a guy's Ferrari has five pickaxes wedged trough the roof, hood, windscreen and doors, isn't it?

Property damage is the name of the game

The downside of such actions is that they represent property damage, and the owner of the destroyed vehicle may seek compensation in the court of law.

Regardless of the relationship status and what happened to cause such an outbreak of fury, damaged property remains damaged property, and the law makes little difference as to what led to this.

Skipping the legal aspect of literally axing your boyfriend's motorcycle, it looks like the therapeutic value of such behavior might be worth discussing.

However, destroying stuff is arguably the most elegant or satisfactory type of payback, and more effective or embarrassing solutions have been used in the past. Sometimes, the creativity of these persons is boosted to unbelievable levels of malice, and works wonders in the payback game.

As for cracking open a bike's fuel tank with an axe, this is definitely not the safest approach. Leaking fuel and fumes can easily ignite and turn the bike into an incendiary bomb with sometimes fatal consequences for those in its vicinity. Definitely not the type of vengeance intended, isn't it?

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