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Woe Is This Millionaire Socialite Who Has to Fly Premium Economy Instead of Business Class

As billionaire Jeff Bezos said a few days ago, hard times are coming, so now would be a good idea to put some cash aside and “batten up the hatches.” Multi-millionaire socialite Amanda Cronin is doing just that, albeit reluctantly.
Multi-millionaire socialite Amanda Cronin laments the rising cost of livingMulti-millionaire socialite Amanda Cronin laments the rising cost of livingMulti-millionaire socialite Amanda Cronin laments the rising cost of livingMulti-millionaire socialite Amanda Cronin laments the rising cost of livingMulti-millionaire socialite Amanda Cronin laments the rising cost of livingMulti-millionaire socialite Amanda Cronin laments the rising cost of living
In case you kicked off your day with somber thoughts about having to switch from a more expensive brand for certain foodstuff to a more affordable one, or even worse, looking for another job or moving into another house because rent and bills are too high, you’re not alone. The cost of living has spiked considerably and will continue to do so as the world plunges into recession (according to analysts), and everyone is feeling the pinch.

Including multi-millionaires.

Amanda Caroline Cronin is not a name familiar to audiences outside of the UK, but in her home country, she’s the equivalent of a Bravo housewife – a generic term for any of the rich women shown in the many Housewives Of television series.

Cronin brags she’s worth over £15 million ($17.8 million at the current exchange rate), that she’s “one of the most stylish women in the world,” an influencer, a globe-trotter, and a businesswoman. She is also the self-titled woman “with the longest legs in Belgravia,” which is not some unknown Eastern European country but one of London’s most exclusive and expensive residential addresses. She is filthy rich, in short.

Cronin, as you probably guessed it, married into money – and got her start as all the things above because of it, since she landed a multi-million-pound settlement when her marriage to serial entrepreneur Mark Daeche ended. She spun that money and exposure into a career as a beauty entrepreneur and reality star.

Not that we’re hating. Cronin is a hustler, and a successful one at it, following the same recipe those Housewives use, which includes ingredients like a luxury, jet-setting lifestyle mixed with equal doses of diva behavior, controversy and drama. And since drama is key, here’s Cronin pretending to be feeling the pinch of the cost of living just like the rest of us.

“I always fly business or first class, but recently I flew my whole team and I in premium economy for work,” she told the Daily Mail at the opening of Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, London. “I just noticed that everything has gone up.”

Imagine the drama of having to fly premium economy instead of business class, having to sit with the peasants and breathe almost-peasant air. Cronin is relatable, she’s one of us, because she too is cutting back on expenses. Don’t even think to say that us regular folk don’t travel with an entire entourage for hair, makeup, stylists and personal assistants, for what is almost always monetized in some form or another. It’s the thought that counts – and hey, at least she’s not flying private to kill off our planet faster!

This is not some rich vs. poor diatribe. Regardless of how she got her money and her start, Cronin is doing her thing and laughing all the way to the bank. If it weren’t for Cronin (or Kim Kardashian, Drake, Kylie Jenner, Jeff Bezos or whoever), there’d be other multi-millionaire showing off their lavish and pampered lifestyle, flaunting their obscene wealth. This is the way the world works, with the grand class divide that is getting grander by the day.

This is a story about relatability and how it shouldn’t even be a goal with these people, especially with stupid examples like these. Remember Kim Kardashian taking a 10-minute flight by private jet and them complaining about rising gas prices? This is similar. Flying premium economy is only a mild downgrade from business class on most airlines, so it’s not like Cronin was actually sat between the poor people usually flying in regular economy.

Here’s a more legitimate side of Cronin, showing off her wealth for the recent documentary The Millionairess and Me. She is the “millionairess” and, yes, she’s insufferable. But at least she’s not trying to pretend to be relatable.

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