With This Bicycle You Can Feel like Superman While Pedaling

Say you walk instead of swimming horizontally in the pool, how does it feel? Difficult, of course. Well, this California-based designer’s custom-made bicycle, named Bird of Prey, makes a similar point. Why waste energy when you can save it? Why not ride the two-wheeled contraption in a position that will help you glide through the air just like a bird, or like Superman if you’re more into superheroes.
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Bird of PreyBird of PreyBird of PreyBird of PreyBird of PreyBird of Prey
Here comes the sun, little bird; slide, be free, conquer the world through amazement. Heads will turn, people will ask questions, but there's no way that anybody will get a grip on your bike; you’ll be sliding through the air, hitting the road like Flash. That’s pretty much the feeling we get when we watch the video you will check out shortly. Until then, the details.

Out of the three basic types of bicycles - the sit-down, the recumbent and the prone or semi-prone bicycle - this contraption belongs to the latter category. There’s a slight difference that makes it unique, though, as the Bird of Prey is a semi-prone bike that allows you to keep your head up and see the road in front (a quite important feature, some may think).

Aside from the aerodynamic advantage, you also win a couple of points while your body’s natural position is concerned. This department handles things such as gravitation and the biological need to stretch your legs. Therefore, the rider’s body is supported on the hips, placing the body in a position that allows him or her to push and pull on the pedals in a fast spinning action.

Fast and safe

Next level: low center of gravity. This makes the bike faster than regular models, thus making the person riding it save energy and, why not, time. It also offers quickness around corners and through stressful situations with other riders.

The Bird of Prey has a 60 tooth rear chain ring. It connects to a 36/11 cassette. According to its creator, this makes the contraption outgear all sit-down bikes. High-speed gears and mountain bike low speeds are also part of the package. As for safety, here’s the designer’s word:

“The Bird of Prey stops fast. The body is low and close to the center of the front wheel. The rider will not go over the handlebars in a panic stop. I have flipped over the handlebars on my sit down bike many dangerous and life threating times. This can’t happen on a Bird of Prey. In a panic stop, the rider will simply stop and not flip over the handlebars. The Bird of Prey will stop in a shorter distance than a sit-down bike.”

The rather odd vehicle is currently available on demand and will set you back anywhere from $7,000 to $8,500.

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