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With a Name Like Burger 50, You Bet This American Luxury Yacht Comes With a BBQ
Lesser known than its car making history, America also has a rich tradition in boat building. One of the companies that stands at the forefront of U.S. yacht building, called Burger Boat, is rooted in the 19th century, and has recently unveiled its latest model, the Burger 50.

With a Name Like Burger 50, You Bet This American Luxury Yacht Comes With a BBQ

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One thing’s for sure: Americans love yachts. Even statics show it – according to the most recent report published by SuperYacht Times, customers in the U.S. own almost a quarter of the global yacht fleet, with Russians taking second place, at 9%. The industry itself is booming. According to the same research, almost 100 new yachts over 98 feet (30 meters) have been sold so far this year, and it’s estimated that sales will reach the 200 mark, which hasn’t happened since 2018.

With these kinds of stats, it’s no wonder that customers in the U.S. are always on the hunt for the next great yacht. And, while industry giants like Benetti Yachts dazzle everyone with European sophistication and opulence, there’s something unique about boats that are made right here, based on American heritage.

The Burger Boat company’s name isn’t a funny reference to an American staple, but the mark of a long, fascinating history that began in 1863. In fact, this yacht manufacturer’s complicated unfolding over the decades deserves to be much better known, because it truly is a piece of American history. Back to the name, it all when began when German immigrants Simon and Margaretta Brauburger settled in New York together with their children, and decided to shorten their name to “Burger”.

The couple’s youngest son, Henry, started out as a shipbuilder apprentice and went on to establish the first Burger Shipyard in 1870. The company would go through multiple challenges and changes over the next decades, but one of the milestones was the launch of its first motor yacht, the 1901 85-foot (25.9 meters) cruiser. Later on, between 1985 and 1990, 47% of all the motor yachts over 80 feet (24.3 meters) that were built in the U.S. were made by the Boat Burger Company.

After an unfortunate chain of events caused the company to close in 1989, the Burger brand came back to life in 1993, complete with a state-of-the-art manufacturing complex, with additional upgrades made in 2006.

The latest yacht to come from the historic Burger shipyard is the Burger 50, a 49’8’’ (15 meters) cruiser that combines a unique hull shape developed by Vripack Naval Architects in the Netherlands with an unmistakable interior created by De Basto Designs in Miami, Florida.

Perhaps only true boating connoisseurs will be able to fully appreciate the mastery of the Slide Hull that offers a much smoother ride, thanks to its ability to glide onto the surface of the water, instead of diving deep. It also delivers less resistance and therefore reduced fuel consumption at a certain speed (14% less resistance at 25 knots).

The Burger 50 is powered by two 600 HP Volvo Penta D8-IPS800 main propulsion engines that, together with joystick maneuvering, make this yacht fast and easy to handle. It also features a Volvo Penta Clear Wake System that eliminates the gurgling that production boats usually make, a stabilization system that cuts up to 95% of the roll, plus an advanced computerized system that automatically adjusts certain functions for optimal performance. And, since this is designed as a custom yacht, the system is programmed for the characteristics of each new boat.

Moving on the fun stuff, Burger and Luiz de Basto have created an elegant interior where natural light rules. A hydraulic (submersible) swim platform makes swimming and water sports even more fun, providing easy access to the water. Above it, in the transom, there’s a special area for barbequing – by simply opening an access cover, passengers will find a barbeque, sink and counter space. Below the grill area, there’s also a large garage.

Opposite the large dining area is the galley, equipped with an electric stove, refrigerator, microwave oven and dishwasher. The boat’s staterooms are below decks. The owner’s room features large windows, a queen size berth, a directly connected bathroom and a private lounge. The guest cabin can be configured for another queen size berth or two single beds. Additionally, the guests on the boat can also enjoy an extra shower at the swim platform, a vented washer/dryer unit and an icemaker (to complement the bbq).

Who would the Burger 50 be perfect for? Jim Ruffolo, president and CEO of Burger Boat Company, says that would be someone who wants to enjoy the luxury of a superyacht in a boat they can pilot themselves. Those who are looking for a custom yacht, instead of production ones, or who want a second, smaller yacht, would also be the perfect owners for the Burger 50.

This American heritage yacht is up for grabs. For more details, including pricing, anyone interested can contact Burger Boat.

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