Witchcraft And Bees Help Recover Stolen Motorcycle

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Photo: mpasho
I know, right? That has to be the most bizarre title you've read here relating to motorcycles, but, allegedly, a man from Kenya whose motorcycle has been stolen asked the help of a witchdoctor do help him retrieve his machine. And apparently, it worked...
The story comes from Mbooni, Makueni in Kenia, where local news report that a witchdoctor has summoned a swarm of bees to scare off a motorcycle thief and help the owner retrieve it.

"A few days later, angry bees disrupted normal business at the local market before settling on the stolen bike," mpasho reports on the strange case. "Fearing the dire consequences, everyone avoided getting close to it until the owner came and took it home. It is reported that the thief fled after he saw the bees approaching.”

That sounds like it's coming straight from the Middle Ages, isn't it? Well, after some digging, it appears that the witchdoctor who allegedly produced a swarm of bees from out of nowhere and send them on the bike took credit for a simple act of nature.

According to local Assistant Chief, Patrick Mwanzia, the swarm of bees has most likely arrived on the motorcycle after their queen got caught in the handlebars protecting foam. And that isn't an isolated case, as just days before, a similar event happened with another bike.

So, in case you were already looking for witchcraft ads to cast a spell on your bike that will punish a potential thief, we'd suggest you to stop searching and better invest in other deterrents to protect your two-wheeled machine.

Nothing will stop a highly-qualified thief from snatching your ride if he has enough time to do it, but at least you can make it harder by using disk locks, chains, and alarms. Ultimately, you can fit a small GPS tracking device to it and even if it gets stolen, you can send the police to the location.
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